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Chief of Special Services
Maquis Forces International Coordinator (Retired)

FADM Gary A. Davis


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Lcars name.jpg Gary A. Davis
Lcars rank.jpg Force Admiral (Ret)
Lcars dob.jpg 6506.29
Lcars pob.jpg Earth, United States, OH
Lcars e sfi.jpg 9111.01
Lcars l sfi.jpg 9511.10
Lcars j mfi.jpg 9511.20
Lcars assigns.jpg

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USS Royal Sovereign (Starfleet)

Shuttlecraft Nebula (Starfleet)
USS Nebula (Starfleet) : 1994-1995; 2000-2005
USS Maquis (Starfleet) : 2005-2006
MFS Nebula (MFI)
MFI Headquarters

Fadm davis 1.jpg


Entered Starfleet 9111.01. Graduated with honors, Starfleet Command and assigned to USS Phoenix (NCC-6011) as Junior Tactical Officer. Received promotions to LTJG through LT aboard and appointed Senior Tactical Officer before transfer to Utopia Planitia Shipyard, Mars. Promoted to LCDR while serving as Project Coordinator for construction of USS Nebula (NCC-61800). Transferred to USS Royal Sovereign (NCC-1674). Assumed position of Communications Officer soon after. Served one year in that capacity until First Officer was transferred. Promoted to CDR and appointed as his replacement. Led many away missions until petitioning for own command. Assigned Shuttlecraft Nebula while awaiting upgrade and refit of USS Nebula (NCC-61800) again at Utopia Planitia Shipyards. Oversaw upgrade and refit and assumed command of USS Nebula (NCC-61800) six months later and promoted to CAPT. Served as Captain of USS Nebula (NCC-61800) for an additional year until Federation/Cardassian Treaty which established the Demilitarized Zone. Went renegade and took Nebula to the Badlands where he linked with the newly forming Maquis and established his ship as a central cell for the organization. Later banded together the majority of Maquis cells under one organization and appointed as Force Admiral and Commander in Chief for these Maquis forces. Served as the Coordinator for these Maquis forces for continued raids against Cardassian and Federation targets within and without the Demilitarized Zone which threaten Maquis installations, ships and colonies. Retired as Commander in Chief to assume duties as Chief of Communications and a Dean at the newly established Maquis Academy teaching leadership and indoctrination into the Maquis Forces. Returned to the leadership role in the Maquis as Chief of Staff and more recently as a member of the reconstruction team for the Special Security Divison and currently the Chief of Special Services and MFI Quartermaster.

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Real Life File


Real Name Gary A. Davis
Occupation: United States Navy (Retired)

Office Manager (Present)

Date of Birth 29 June, 1965
Place of Birth Dennison, Ohio
Education Newark High School - 1983

AS Degree - Computer Information Systems - 1992

Family: Spouse: Tracey (Married 2009)

Children: Jeremy (1987); Christopher (1989);
Kelly (1992); Daniele (1997)
Step-Children: Alan (1997), Shawn (2000)

Fan Club Experience: USS Royal Sovereign (SFI)

Shuttlecraft Nebula (SFI)
USS Nebula (SFI)
MFS Nebula (MFI)
USS Maquis (SFI)
MFI Headquarters (MFI)

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Gary's fandom experiences started with the Starfleet International Chapter, USS Royal Sovereign in Orange Park, FL. Signing aboard as a mere member, it was only a few months later that he received his commission as an officer when he assumed the position of Communications Officer running the chapter's newsletter. Within six months he was applying for the position of chapter vice president when the chapter's VP moved from the area. Elected as ship's XO, he was promoted to Commander. Over the next two years he served as XO an attended many conventions and helping with security. After the club suffered from growing pains and the divergence of some of the member's interest, he applied to Starfleet Region 2 for his own chapter. Commissioned as Shuttlecraft Nebula and chapter in training, he and seven members of the Royal Sovereign split from the mothership and became their own chapter. Six months later at the Starfleet International Conference, Shuttlecraft Nebula was bestowed full chapter status and became USS Nebula. Gary was promoted to Captain and received his "fourth pip" from Sovereign's CO herself. After another six months as a full fledged chapter in Starfleet, it became apparent that the politics of the organization, the money mongering, the pettiness of the national leadership had no place in fandom. In the end it was apparent that Nebula had no place in Starfleet as well when the membership voted to go independent from the organization. Another six months saw Nebula go from independent to the designation as Maquis fan club and the eventual banding together with several other independent fan clubs, thus Maquis Forces was born. When overseas chapters joined the organization when the fan club went to the internet, the name changed to Maquis Forces International. Gary was appointed the "Force Admiral", Commander in Chief, Maquis Forces International and the fan club started to grow.

After a 10 year run as MFI's president, Gary announced his retirement as MFI's International Coordinator after calling for a first time historic elections process. Endorsing his successor, he campaigned for Admiral Rob Johnson, MFI's Chief of Staff at the time. Upon the installment of FADM Johnson as IC, Gary assumed the duties of MFI's Chief of Communication (CoC) and then MFI Quartermaster. As CoC published the MFI Newsletter Badlands. As Quartermaster, he spearheaded the design, production, and shipment of the MFI Echelon Badges. This highly successful campaign was followed on the heels by the campaign to produce custom Maquis Rank Pins.

Gary graduated High School in Newark, Ohio in 1983. Entering the US Navy in December 1983, Gary was assigned basic training in Orlando Florida. Upon completion of basic training received follow on training for his rating (Navy job) at Naval Training Center, Meridian MS. Graduated training and received designation as Yeoman (administrative clerk) and assigned shore duty to United States Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, VA as an clerk for Major General Norman Smith, USMC, Plans and Policy. Served as admin clerk and personal driver for the General and two of his successors. Transferred to sea duty to Patrol Squadron TWENTY-FOUR at NAS Jacksonville serving as Operations Yeoman and Squadron Admin Awards Petty Officer. Deployed to NAS Bermuda, NAS Sigonella, Sicily and NAS Keflavik, Iceland throughout the three year assignment. Transferred to shore duty to NAS Jacksonville to the Flag Administrative Officer for the Commander, Naval Base Jacksonville serving as Assistant Leading Petty Officer. Applied mid tour for the Enlisted Education Advancement Program, he was selected to attend College for the next two years to obtain an Associate Degree. Attending the Florida Central College of Jacksonville, he received his AS in Computer Information Systems Analysis before transferring to sea duty once again. Reported to USS DOYLE (FFG-39), a Guided Missile Frigate, deployed to the Caribbean for Counter Drug Operations three times, to the Persian Gulf for one Maritime Expeditionary Force deployment, and participated in many at sea exercises and inspections. Served as the Ship's Secretary (leading Yeoman), supervised the ship's Admin Office. Upon his 15 year career mark, transferred to Navy Recruiting District Ohio where he is the Senior Navy Liaison and the Enlisted Programs Department Supervisor at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Cleveland, OH. After three years in processing, requested transfer to become a field recruiter. Assigned as the NROTC Coordinator for the state of Ohio, he was responsible for finding qualified applicants to receive $150,000 scholarships to the colleges of the applicants' choice and eventual commissioning as officers. After two highly successful years in this position, Gary requested transfer to the Fleet Reserve and retired from active duty as of March 2004. He is now an the Dealer Support and Web Manager for a growing wholesale furniture business in Columbus, Ohio.

Gary's military decorations include, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, four awards of the Navy Achievement Medal, five awards of the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Joint Expeditionary Medal and several unit awards. Gary is married to the former Tracey Goodhue. They were married summer of 2009 and honeymoon'ed in the Bahamas. Gary has three children, Jeremy (1987), Christopher (1989), and Daniele (1997).

return Chief of Special Svcs
--Sig2a.jpgChief of Special Svcs 14:12, 16 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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