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Maquis Forces International Uniforms


Duty Uniforms

Maquis unis.jpg

The Standard Maquis Uniform consists of a stylyzed tunic. The duty uniform can be worn with a standard Starfleet issue departmental tunic, or a generic black. The dress uniforms can be worn with the duty uniform or generic black tunic underneath. The first dress uniform is a "bomber" style jacket, the second is a dinner dress jacket.

Starfleet Variant Uniforms

Maquis unis 2.jpg

Maquis serving aboard Starfleet units who come and go between Maquis assignments can opt to wear their Starfleet versions as well. Two duty uniforms as well as the dress uniform are offered. The dress uniform differs in that Ensign to Commander wear a Grey undertunic, and Captains to admiral wear a white.

MFI Uniform Polo Shirts

Maquis unis 3.jpg

MFI Branch Affiliation
(Shown in Generic Black)
Sample Colors
(SOC, Naval & MFMC Shown)
Convention Shoulder Strap MFI Flag Officer
With Convention
Shoulder Strap

"Class B" & "Class C" Uniform

The Real World Maquis "Class B" Uniform consists of the MFI Polo Shirts seen above, worn with Black/Navy Slacks. The "Class C" (for Casual) Uniform consists of the same MFI Polo Shirts seen above, worn with any Slacks, or Jeans you wish to wear.

MFI Convention Uniform Tops

Uniform Convention Strap
The main difference between the Standard Class B Uniform Top and Convention Uniform Top is the Convention Shoulder Strap, reminiscent of the Ci. 2278-2350 Uniform Strap, (as seen in ST2:TWOK - ST6:TUC and TNG:"Tapestry", DS9:"Dark Page", TNG:"Yesterday's Enterprise" and TNG:"Family"). We feel that the Shoulder Strap as seen on the Flag Officer Polo (above), acts as a great "Display System" for our Members Photodome pins.

The Shoulder Strap would be worn across the wearer's Right Shoulder of either the Branch Colored, Generic Black, or Flag Officer Polo Shirt. The Strap is secured in the rear by the round MFI (wreath) Logo Photodome pin. The front of the strap is secured using one or more MFI Photodome pins (i.e.: HQ, Branch, Academy, CO, or other appropriate pins).

The MFI Polo Shirts, Photodome Pins & Shoulder Straps are available at Maquis Quartermaster

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