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OOTM Banner.jpg

Order of the Maquis - 18 JAN 2015
Seals Team Three Leader
MFI Commendation Medal - FEB2007 see Award Certificate, MFI Achievement Medal - 2009 EOY
Former CompSci Dean, New Member Exam, Leadership,
Communications (original) Honors (2), Engineering Honors (4), Medical Honors (2),
Ten Year MFI Service, Badge Campaign, Rank Pin Campaign,
Naval Campaign Honors (2), MFI ROY 2008, Zone 1 ROY (2007/2008)
Military Service, Community Service (4), Borg Award (Chapter)

Leader Team Three
MFI Commendation Medal Feb 2007 MFI Achievement Medal EOY 2009
Former CompSci Dean (Original) New Member Exam Leadership
Communications (Original) Honors x2 Engineering Honors x4 Medical Honors x2
10 Years Service MFI Echelon Badge Campaign MFI Rank Pin Campaign x2
Naval Campaign Honors x2 MFI ROY 2008 Zone_1_ROY_x2_(2007/2008)
Military Service 15 yrs Community Service x4 Borg Award (Cell)

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