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Crescat Scientia; vita excolatur

There are no Academy positions open at this time.

Periodically we will advertise for Academy Dean positions. We will post for these positions in the "Maquis-Members" Listserv and post them on the Communications/Vacancy Announcements Page.

Below is an example of the Job Description and what we expect from anyone who applies for a Dean's Position:

Academy Deans
Tier Level III Position (Academy Dean)

Reports to the Maquis Academy Commandant.
The College Dean liaisons with any applicable Branch Leaders concerning college content including new and existing material (ie: The Marine College would Liaison with the MFMC Commandant, the SSD College with the SSD Division of Special Operations Branch, etc.)

Dean and coordinator for a Maquis Academy College

Application Process:
One would Email an application to the Maquis Academy Commandant. Applicants should submit a resume of what positions they currently hold in MFI, as well as what "leadership" positions (Real or Fan based) they have held in the past. Applicants for the position will ensure they are not in violation of the "one hat per tier level" rule. In other words, they cannot hold a position of comparable responsibility elsewhere in MFI. Accepting this position may require relinquishing a parallel (Tier III) duty.

Qualifications for Academy Dean :

  • Applicant must have been in MFI longer than one year and at least 18 years of age.
  • Must have completed all courses at the Leadership Development College and the specific college for which they are seeking the position of Dean.
  • Knowledgeable in Wiki, HTML or other website building programs, as well as Academy "Moodle" software, or willing to learn.
  • Possess a sense of humor/tact and the ability to work calmly with a variety of people/personalities.

Duties for Academy Dean :

  • Submit a regular monthly report of student activity to the Maquis Forces International Academy Commandant, Deputy Commandants and Awards Department.
  • Administer, research, implement, and update any existing or new exams for the college.
  • Send gongratulatory emails to the Students upon successful completion of an exam, with a CC to "Acadcerts at maquis dot com".
  • Communicate as necessary with the MFI members via the public listserv and/or private email concerning the courses under the college dean's purview.
  • Participate in the Maquis Academy's Listserv concerning updates, revisions, and new additions to the college and Academy.
  • Build a staff to help in coordination of the college (only if necessary).

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