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Crescat Scientia; vita excolatur

Have an idea for a course?

Here at the Maquis Academy, we have an open policy when it comes to coursework! We love to hear from the membership for coursework and exams ideas. Do you know a lot on a specific subject? Did you take a major in College and would like to see something on it in the Academy? Let us know!


Some concerns...


Because of possible copyright concerns, especially when it comes to anything related to Trek,

  • a proposal must be written out and approved by the Office of the Commandant, complete with references to be placed on the Course page. Some typical types of references include, but are not limited to:
    • A list of major trusted Web Pages that won't "go dark" (like
    • A list of Trek Tech Manual pages (like "TNG Tech Manual pages 115-154")
    • or the submission of Original Material, to be posted on the MFI Site, where the answers may be found before it is submitted to the Dean of the College for input into the Testing Center.

This is not to be difficult, but to be considerate to those who may hold a copyright on the material being submited.


  • Since "9/11", the creation of Homeland Security and to keep us from being construed as a Paramilitary site, all submissions Need to be Star Trek, or Maquis related, especially when it comes to Weapons, Covert Operations and Military related topics.

Any material not adhering to these guidelines will not be considered.


Please also be aware that any exams submitted to the Academy become property of Maquis Forces International, subject to the usage of the organization as the Academy sees fit.


Have a proposal? Contact the Commandant and he will advise you and direct you to the proper College Dean! We look forward to hearing it.


To: Vice Commandant
From: LCDR John Doe,
Re: Course Proposal for the College of Computer Studies

Vice Commandant,

I have a course proposal for your review. Over the last few days, I have written up some ideas for a new course for HTML. It generally deals with the practical application of the HyperText Markup Language on the World Wide Web. Attached below are a couple sample questions of the exam I have mentioned. Reference material for the subject may be found at: .

Respectfully Submitted,
LCDR J. L. Doe
Executive Officer, MFS Neversail

Sample Question A:

What is the HTML Tag for an unordered list?
a. <TF>
b. <TL>
c. <UL>
d. <UO>

Sample Question B:

What command inserts multiple spaces in a document with HTML active?
a. ;nbsp
b. %space
c. &nbsp
d. @nbsl

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