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Maquis Forces International MFS Hell's Fury DN-74304 (MFI-RC-112050) Zone 9

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The MFS Hell's Fury is an online chapter of Maquis Forces International (MFI) based in Fresno, CA USA currently serving as the flagship for the 9th Fleet and is affiliated with the Klingon Task Force (KTF) and the Maquis Marine Corps (MFMC).


Nov 2005

  • Howard Knapp to Colonel

Dec 2005

  • LaDonna Knapp to Lieutenant Commander
  • Elsie Bidwell-Waibel to Chief Petty Officer (Brevet)
  • Robert Torres to Force Colonel (Brevet)

Mar 2006

  • Howard Knapp to Force Colonel

Nov 2006

  • Scott Waibel to Chief Petty Officer

Jul 2008

  • Lesli Grage-Torres to Major


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