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In a Mirror Darkly



Zone2.jpg Ani-akira.gif Commssd.jpg 175px-Pd_ssd1.jpg


Commanding Officer

Lcars name.jpg Matthew Miller

Lcars rank.jpg Ssd tunic col.jpg

Executive Officer

Lcars name.jpg Karlea Small

Lcars rank.jpg Ssd tunic capt.jpg

The Commander, Air Group (CAG)

Lcars name.jpg Vacant

Lcars rank.jpg Vacant

Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge, Marines

Lcars name.jpg Daiella Smith

Lcars rank.jpg pip_sgtmaj.jpg


Lcars name.jpg Rebecca Miller

Lcars rank.jpg mcadet2.jpg

Lcars name.jpg Crystal Miller

Lcars rank.jpg Ssd tunic ltcol.jpg

Akira dev.jpg

Accommodation: 500 (100 Officers - 400 Enlisted Crew)

Classification: Retrofitted Light Carrier [Assault]

Length: 464.43 meters Width: 316.67 meters Height: 87.43 meters Weight: 3,055,000 metric tons Fighter capacity: 45,254 metric tons

Emergency cargo capacity: 2,000 metric tons

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite with micro-fiber reinforced ablative armor over critical compartments.

Number of Decks: 18 Total, 17 Habitable.

Performance: Warp 9.5 for 12 hours.

Shielding: Reman type 12 Prototype Covariant Shield Array

Armament: 3 type-12 phaser emitters; 1 phaser lance, 4 photon torpedo launchers.

Cargo Bay scrapped in favor of a fighter bay

12 Valkyrie stealth class fighters

Development Project Started: 2353

Production Start Date: 2364

Production End Date: Still in Production

Current Status: In Service

Locations of Akira-Class Construction: 

Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV New Aberdeen Fleet Yard, Aldebaran Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard, Mars Copernicus Fleet Yard, Luna Atlas V Fleet Yard, Deneb V Balkinur Kosmodrome, Earth Current Starship Identification and Registration Numbers:

U.S.S. Scimitar - NCC-80826

U.S.S. Arondight - NCC-80477

U.S.S. Tal-War - NCC-80872

U.S.S. Claymore - NCC-80820

U.S.S. Broadsword - NCC-80864

U.S.S. Gladius - NCC-80899

U.S.S. Katana - NCC-80764

M.F.S. Highbourne MFI-RC-183336


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