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Dan anim.gif MFS ENERGIA Энергия

The Personal Runabout of
Force Admiral Cummings

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Runabout ENERGIA (Russian: Энергия. energy) is the personal runabout and 'Yacht' of Force Admiral Cummings, stationed at Empok Nor, Runabout Pad C. With his notorious distrust of transporters, stemming from his background as a medical doctor; FADM Cummings prefers physical transportation over Transporter technology.

Ideally, a runabout is piloted by two crew members, although one pilot will suffice. The pilot's consoles are forward facing in front of two large windows. The bridge section can accommodate up to five people. The two large windows are equipped with retractable blast shutters. View screens mounted within the forward corners of the cabin are used for External Viewing, Video Communication and Ship Status displays.

Some of the "Specialized" modules were designed by FADM Cummings and manufacured on Empok Nor. These long-range, dynamic vessels allow for wide versitality. The berthing arrangements of these Runabouts range from four to 9 passengers/crew depending on the model.

Energia is the Russian word for 'Energy.'

Runabout Deck Plan and Specifications
Basic Specs:

Length: 24 Meters
Width: 10 Meters
Height: 7 Meters
Decks: 1
Crew: 1 - 10
Max Life Support: 10

Propulsion Systems
MARA Micro-Cochrane Warp Module
Warp Tractor Beam Capable

Deck Plan Weapon Systems:

Primary: 2-Type IV Phaser Emitters
Secondary: Micro-Photon Torpedoes - 1 Launcher
Defensive: Auto Modulated Shields

Transporter Systems:
Personnel Transporters: 1
Max Objects / Cycle: 2

Computer Systems:
LCARS Crew Interface
ECH Backup Core

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