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Treaty of Fellowship Maquis Forces International - Romulan Star Empire


The members of MAQUIS FORCES INTERNATIONAL, and the members of the ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE INTERNATIONAL, INC., aka ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE, come together this 14th day of July in the year 2001 to form an agreement of alliance. It is by this agreement that both organizations agree to work together in COMMUNICATION, COOPERATION, and FELLOWSHIP.


It is the intention of the organizations MAQUIS FORCES INTERNATIONAL, henceforth referred to as MFI and the ROMULAN STAR EMPIRE INTERNATIONAL, INC, henceforth referred to as RSE, that they are considered to be and are to remain as separate entities. And that they remain so as dictated by their independent tax status as granted them by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. It is not the intention of this document that the organizations join in partnership or grant administrative authority, duties and responsibilities over the other organization. Within the provisions of this agreement are the details of this alliance.


Article I Treaty Administration and Maintenance This agreement is authorized by the representatives of these individual organizations and given power by their signatures. It is through these assigned representatives in their titled capacity that this agreement is administrated and maintained.

Section 1.1 Diplomatic Officers The governing body of each organization may either administrate this agreement directly or assign a diplomatic officer to represent them with regards to this treaty.

Section 1.1.A Assigning Diplomatic Officers Diplomatic officers will be assigned to the task of administering this document according to the governing documents of each organization.

Section 1.2 Diplomatic Relations Should any problems and/or situations arise from this treaty the diplomatic officers of each organization will work together to solve the situation.

Section 1.2.A Limitations on Diplomats The diplomatic officers have the authority to administrate the treaty, their authority ends there. Any problems and/or situations that develop outside of the treaty limits will be handled by each organization according to their own rules and by-laws.

Section 1.3 Voiding this Agreement Should the diplomatic officers assigned the task of administering this agreement find that there are problems and/or situations they cannot settle then the administration of this treaty must be sent to the full governing body of each organization. In the case of the RSE this is the Senate, in the case of MFI this is the Coordinator Council. If no agreement can be reached then this agreement will become null and void.

Article 2 Fellowship This agreement signifies the establishment of a fellowship between the two organizations. With this agreement an outline of what is expected of both organizations is defined. Any violations of any part of the agreement will be handled on case-by-case bases, as established by the rules and by-laws of each organization.

Section 2.1 Guest Relations Members of both organizations are permitted to share information, data and communications of a general interest nature. Members of both organizations may attend functions, i.e. meetings and events, sponsored by either organization. While attending, these persons will be treated as guests (non-voting members). These persons acting as guests should behave according to the rules and by-laws of the organization sponsoring the function. These persons acting as guests must also uphold the rules of conduct espoused by their own organization, or measures will be taken according to the rules and by-laws of both organizations.

Section 2.2 Newsletters and Publications Members of both the RSE and MFI are permitted to exchange newsletters and other publications of either organization pertaining to general interest. This may include but is not limited to newsletters, websites, fanzines, and other materials deemed appropriate. Members of RSE and MFI are NOT permitted to exchange publications and materials that are specific to the performance of individuals within either group, correspondence not of their own creation of a private or personal nature, or correspondence relating to the governance of either organization.

Section 2.3 Role Playing Members of each organization are encouraged to seek role-play entertainment and interaction with members of the other organization. HOWEVER, all role-playing is to be kept within the game setting. No part of any role-playing will be considered part of real life, which includes this treaty. Role-playing is to be kept separate from the organizations' administration of their membership, rules and by-laws.

Section 2.4 Membership Members of either organization may choose to join the other organization, by paying dues or opening an account of subscription, as this is a personal choice and not governed by the rules and by-laws of either organization.

Article 3 Amendments to this Agreement and Editing It is the intent of this agreement to help foster fellowship. In so doing, this agreement may be amended or edited to allow for future growth as outlined within the treaty.

Section 3.1 Editing Any editing will be considered cosmetic changes to this agreement. These can be made by the agreement of both diplomatic officers. Editing includes specifics that help to correct minor incidentals, i.e. spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other related matters with regards to this agreement.

Section 3.2 Amendments Any amendments to this agreement are to be designed by the official representatives of both organizations. These official representatives then present said amendments to the governing bodies of their organizations for official discussion. Upon agreement by both governing bodies the amendments may be entered as part of this agreement.

Article 4 By-laws, Rules and Regulations of RSE and MFI The by-laws, rules and regulations of each organization entering into this treaty agreement are sacrosanct and not to be infringed upon, debated, disregarded, or changed by the signing of this treaty. Each organization will maintain their own leadership structure, line of command, rules, regulations and by-laws.

Article 5 Signatures The follow people declare that they are authorized to represent each organization and have read this treaty and agree to the terms of this agreement.

_____________________________ __________________________ Force Admiral Gary Davis Date International Coordinator Maquis Forces International

_____________________________ __________________________ Selessa Pitts Date Imperial Praetor (President), Romulan Star Empire International, Inc.

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