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Master Email list

This list is a central guide to the addresses. To prevent webbots from grabbing the addresses and increasing the spam they are presented in the format. Please make sure to convert this when you email one of the staff. You are highly encouraged to use these addresses as much as possible as they will ensure you reach the appropriate person. As people change offices, these addresses will be updated to go to the correct person.


Coordinator Council

Position Email Address
International Coordinator (IC)
Vice International Coordinator (VIC)
Chief Of Staff (COS)
Chief Of Operations (COO)
Chief Of Computer Operations (CCO)
Chief Of Communications (COC)
Academy Commandant

International Support Staff

Position Email Address
Chief Maquis Advisor (CMA)
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Maquis (MCPOM) {Vacant}


Position Email Address
Chief Of Naval Operations (CNO)
Marine Commandant
Special Forces Commander
Special Security Division Director
Special Operations Command Director
Klingon Task Force Commander
Maquis Romulan Legion

Zone Coordinators

Position Email Address
Zone 1 Coordinator
Zone 2 Coordinator
Zone 3 Coordinator
Zone 4 Coordinator
Zone 5 Coordinator
Zone 6 Coordinator
Zone 7 Coordinator
Zone 8 Coordinator
Zone 9 Coordinator
Zone 10 Coordinator
Zone 11 Coordinator
Zone VR Coordinator

Departments and Divisions

Position Email Address
Membership Department
Awards Division
Recruitment Division
Diplomatic Corp
Computer Operations
Newsletter Submissions
Sim Division
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