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From the Federation News Net
Stardate: 58715.91 Mon Jun 14 2382 17:52:00 (Terran Reckoning)
Federation News Net
Jake Sisko

== Raiders Attack Federation Science Outpost on Haven ==
Even with the Dominion defeated the Borg severely crippled thanks to the many brave men and women of Starfleet, danger still lurk in the shadows. In a time that is supposed to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy, there are those who still stalk the stars and prey on the innocents and spread chaos. On Star Date 58866.44 the Federation science outpost on Haven was attacked by an unknown group of raiders. The outpost it self was lightly defended and mostly staffed by civilian personnel. Sources close to the investigation state that the out post sustained heavy damage and casualties and that the attack itself was well coordinated and executed it is suggested that who ever attacked the outpost had some form of military training. The investigation team is considering that this could have been done at the hands of either rogue Cardassian or Romulan units.

With the Starfleet providing assistance to the new Cardassian government and increased patrols of the Federation/Maquis/Cardassian Border, it is not surprising that until Starfleet replace its loses from the Dominion war those with evil in their hearts will continue to exploit this situation and bring more suffering to a galaxy that has seen its share. We will continue to monitor this situation and keep the citizens of the Federation informed.

Haven attackers identified

From the Federation News Net Stardate: 58720.96 Wed Jun 16 2382 18:04:00 (Terran Reckoning)

Federation News Net
Jake Sisko

The Starfleet investigators have identified the attackers ship signature as a Ju”Day Class raider no longer used by the Federation this ship is the signature vessel of the Maquis. Now, many people remember the Maquis to be a rebel faction of Federation citizens Starfleet defectors and anyone who had a problem with the Cardassians. It was believed that the Maquis were wiped out during the early days of the Dominion Cardassian alliance as a massive fleet entered the DMZ and attacked every federation colony it could find. Well, what is not known is that a large portion of the Maquis did escape. Some remained in the DMZ and conducted guerrilla attacks on the Dominion and Cardassians forces some even joined Starfleet to fight in the war. After the war many of the survivors returned to their homes in the DMZ and reformed the Maquis as a legitimate government of the area and claimed all Federation and Cardassian colonies in the DMZ were sovereign planets of the Maquis. It did not help that again many Starfleet personal also defected and this time brought starships and crews with them. With Starfleet and Cardassian forces unable to wage any military offensive both governments recognized the DMZ colonies independence and the Maquis as their sovereign government. Since then the Maquis have built up a considerable military force in the DMZ including ship yards that have gotten contracts to build many of the same ships used in Starfleet and it has been reported that both Klingon and Romulan ships have been seen with Maquis markings. The Maquis are and continue to be a rising military cultural and political force in the Alpha quadrant.

Federation diplomats have brought these facts to the Maquis. The Maquis council has issued a statement stating that the Maquis will cooperate with the investigation to get to the bottom of this terrible tragedy, and if it is found that Maquis forces were involved that they were acting on their own accord and their actions do not represent the Maquis council or its citizens. The Federation has also demanded that if the attackers are proven to be Maquis that they should be turned over to Starfleet to face trial for crimes against the Federation. The Maquis have not responded to those demands.

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