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NOTICE: Welcome to the Official MFI SIM Division, a part of the MFI Operations Department. All ranks, ships, personnel, and events are Role-Play. All events, statements, and opinions are simply in the spirit of FUN and play. To return to the "REAL" MFI pages, click here: MFI Home
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The Sim Division is currently in refit. However some systems are currently on-line and a few projects are under development. For questions or to join the Sim Staff please contact the MFI COO Office or the Division Director...

Sim Division Staff

pip_radm_green.jpg Division Coordinator

General Marc Easterly

pip_capt_green.jpg Assistant Division Coordinator

Commodore Brian Pickett

pip_fadm_upd.jpg Sim Housekeper

Force Admiral Christina Doane

pip_adm_upd.jpg Sim Staff

Admiral Steve Lackey

pip_lcdr_red.jpg Sim Staff

Lieutenant Commander Jim Westbrook

New Projects

Proposed SIM Gaming System

Proposed gaming resource to establish a framework of die-roll based tables to assist in role-play situations.

  • Die Roll based systems
  • Character generator resources
  • Other resources may also be added here

Click here to go to: SIM Gaming Resources
Click here to go to: Fan Fiction: Other opportunities for our Maquis to Get Creative
click here to go to: combined SIM division portal -*NEW*-

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