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Maquis Forces International Enlarged Ranks

MFI Flag Naval/General Ranks

Flag Naval / General Ranks
Naval Insignia Marine
Force Admiral big_fadm.jpg
Admiral big_adm.jpg General
Vice Admiral big_vadm.jpg Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral big_radm.jpg Major General
Commodore big_como.jpg Brigadier General
Force Captian big_fcapt.jpg Force Colonel

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MFI Naval / Marine Officer Ranks

Naval / Marine Officers
Naval Insignia Marine
Captain big_capt.jpg Colonel
Commander big_cdr.jpg Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander big_lcdr.jpg Major
Lieutenant big_lt.jpg Marine Captain
LT Junior Grade big_ltjg.jpg 1st Lieutenant
Ensign big_ens.jpg 2nd Lieutenant

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MFI Naval / Marine Enlisted Ranks

Naval / Military Enlisted Ranks
Naval Insignia Marine
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Maquis big_e10.jpg Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp
Master Chief Petty Officer big_e9.jpg Sergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty Officer big_e8.jpg First Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer big_e7.jpg Gunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer First Class big_e6.jpg Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer Second Class big_e5.jpg Sergeant
Petty Officer Third Class big_e4.jpg Corporal
Crewman big_e3.jpg Lance Corporal
Crewman Apprentice big_e2.jpg Private First Class
Crewman Recruit big_e1.jpg Private
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