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SOC Role-Play stuff... blah blah blah... and there was much rejoicing. Yay. (I knew this page would come in handy for something)

A work in progress:

Labor Day Offensive 2014


I'm not going to step on other people's storylines... er... toes (well, too much). It occurred to me that there are plenty of piratical types in MFI, but we don't really have any fanfic or gaming that focuses on that aspect of the Maquis. Therefore, this year's LDO will be for the pirates - the privateers - the commerce raiders.

Just what is the difference in roles? Well, it has less to do with the activity and more with how official the, er, actors are:

1. A pirate is a free enterprise. Unencumbered by any official relationship with governments, this has some advantages and disadvantages that any pirate movie buff will readily understand.

2. A privateer is a privately outfitted ship whose crew and captain holds "Letters of Marque and Reprisal" - a license issued by a government to act on its behalf, usually in wartime. Sometimes derided as "licensed pirates" by their enemies, privateers were generally considered legal fighting participants in a war so long as they followed the rules of war, but if they stepped over the line, as it were, then they could be executed as pirates without much legal standing to protect them.

3. A commerce raider is entirely official... it is an actual naval vessel with a naval crew, undertaking the same role as a privateer. In case of capture, the crew would be protected by the rules of war vis POW status, and in turn, they would follow their country's sea laws on that matter with enemy crews.

So, in the grand tradition of the British and US privateers in the War of 1812, the CSS Alabama in the ACW, the SMS Emden in WWI, and the US and German submarine warfare in WWII, our Labor Day Offensive will be gamed with these roles in mind. Your chosen role is entirely up to you and your crew.

There's something for any branch to do here... Special Operations can go into enemy ports and check up on worthwhile targets before they leave port, or "cut out" a ship or three and sail'em away. Naval and Marines would have the meat of the offensive in actually taking targets on the high seas... er... in open space, or countering enemy efforts along the same lines. SSD can hunt down leads and police the trade routes, working with the Navy to sweep clear enemy commerce raiders. The Romulans and Klingons certainly don't need my urging to add their own flavor to activities.


Florkian commando.png
Florkian Commando attempting the "Vicious Hug of Doom", a trademark martial arts maneuver of this species. Maquis warriors are cautioned against countering this threat via physical force - shoot to kill always. If unarmed confrontation is avoidable, do so: run away! Run away! Do not attempt to overcome this attack without VERY heavy weaponry.

Informational Source: SOC Xenobiology Directorate "Finding new and interesting species to kill in new and interesting ways"

Enemy nation: Florkian Unified Commonwealth and Kingdom
Species name: Flork
Expected level of resistance: Heavy
Fleet composition:
Home Fleet:
(3) cruisers, (1) scout ship, (10) corvettes, (23) patrol ships, (5) repair vessels, (1) hospital ship, at least 100 fighters/shuttlecraft/other
1st Patrol Sqdn: (1) heavy frigate, (1) scout ship, (5) patrol ships, circa 10 fighters/shuttlecraft/other
2nd Patrol Sqdn: (1) auxiliary cruiser, (2) destroyers, (1) scout ship, (3) patrol ships, circa 10 fighters/shuttlecraft/other
Merchant Marine: circa (100) freighters, (100) container ships, (200) short haul cargo vessels, (10) liners, (100) tugs and miscellaneous auxiliaries
Basic description: Rumoured to be an unholy spawn of tribbles and the vicious beasts of Caerbannog III, Florks display a variety of subhuman traits that have marked them for destruction. For the good of the universe, and children everywhere, we must exterminate them. Pig after pig, cow after cow... village after village. It is my dream... it is my nightmare... a snail crossing the edge of a straight razor - and surviving.

Briefing compiled by the Maquis Forces Department of Cynical Propaganda, which is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in this briefing.

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