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Maquis Forces STELLARCOM

Maquis Forces STELLARCOM

Maquis Forces STELLARCOM is the new integrated telecommunications system for MFI. Utilizing the Session Initiation Protocol (commonly known as 'SIP,' the backbone of Voice over IP/VOIP) MFI now has a single solution for worldwide communications using telephony or instant messaging that everyone will be capable of using.

In nearly two years of research and (FINALLY!) development, STELLARCOM went online on 25 August 2008, immediately promising to be a revolution in the way members may communicate. Utilizing both voice and instant messaging, it allows everyone to communicate on the same integrated network that is singular to the Maquis, versus several instant messaging programs; all of which may not be utilized by everyone. This tool allows the Maquis to become more united; placing a voice call to someone across the planet as if they were calling someone down the street. STELLARCOM is currently in private Alpha testing, the first conference call taking place between IC Samuel Cummings and the staff of his office on the morning of 28 August 2008. The first several calls have been highly successful, with quality that exceeds that of traditional telephone service.

FADM Cummings' main goal is to allow everyone interested to be able to communicate by voice with any other Maquis member taking part, without any recurring cost to the membership. While the initial hardware that the member chooses to use may come with cost to the member, if any, it is his intention that this solution be kept cost-free to all members who use it; to allow for a greater sense of camaraderie and fellowship within Organization; and to allow for better management within Departments as well.

To qualify for Alpha testing with STELLARCOM, the member must possess the following:

  • Access to high-speed internet. (i.e. x/DSL, WiBro, Cable or other connection with at least 80kbps UP AND DOWN.)
  • A SIP telephone device. (A SIP IP Phone, or Softphone which can be downloaded onto a computer for use, which would include the need for a headset and microphone.)
  • A working knowledge of Voice over IP/SIP Protocol would be exceptionally helpful in continued research, but not required.
  • Be willing to donate some time to possible project expansion and discussion with the STELLARCOM team and CompOps.

Contact FADM Samuel Cummingswith any questions or comments; or to express interest in participating in testing... we can use all the help we can get!

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