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This is the place to submit your favorite Fandom Page.
Click on the "+" Tab above to submit it to this string. Enter the page's Name as the "Subject/headline:" Line

When submitting, don't just list the link and stop there, we may NOT use it... Instead, Post a blurb about what the site is about! After all... If you don't think it's worth the effort to give us some information about it, why should WE take the time to check it out?? (grin)

  • Is it a Club / Fan Organization?
  • Is it a "Simming" Group?
  • A Fan Fiction group?
  • What kind of Fan Page IS it?
  • Is it an Informational Page?
  • Does it have a "Mission Statement"?

Give us a little information, along with the link. Once we check it out, we'll add it to the main Fandom Page (and give YOU credit for sharing it with us)!

  • Oh yeah!! Don't forget to click the "Signature" button, to let us know who you are! Anonymous Submissions will be deleted.

--Rob, IC 19:01, 15 Aug 2005 (EDT)

To do... update Eagle and other fan groups linking film links or at least listing titles...

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