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Seen any good movies/DVDs lately? Read any good books, or been to any Book Signings? Been to any Conventions and seen any Stars?

PLEASE write up a short review and send them in for the Newsletter!

For movies and books, all we ask is a short synopsis of the story line/plot line, whether you liked it, or not and why (don't just say "it sucked" and leave it at that... explain WHY you thing it sucked). Below are some points to help you put together a good review.

Movie Reviews:
If reviewing a movie, how was the acting? Did the action balance the story? Did the 2 hour movie seem to last forever, or did it seem to be over too soon? How were the Special Effects? How was the Fight Choreography (if any)? If you're into moviemaking, how was the camera action? Was it shot on location? If so, how were they?

Book Reviews:
If reviewing a book, did the story use previously established characters (like in "The Lost Era" series)? Did character background bog down the flow of the reading, or did it add to the enjoyment of the book? Did the story line flow over-all? How was the writing style? Did the author make it an easy read, or did they throw in a bunch of techno-babble and words that nobody uses, which might bog down the flow? Was it a book you breezed through and couldn't put down, or did you need to take periodic breaks from it?

When reviewing Cons, how was the pricing and what did each of the prices include? Who were the Stars? How were the Dealers' Rooms? Which clubs/Groups showed up, or had recruiting tables? Did anyone have any impressive recruiting material we could steal... err... Copy... err... BORROW (yeah...that's it, Borrow!)? How were the Stars' On Stage presentations? Did they seem pleased to be there, or did they look "forced"? How did they handle questions from the audience? How did they handle the Autograph signings? (remembering the opening Convention scenes from Galaxy Quest)

These are just some ideas... Your actual mileage may vary. [Grin]

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