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A question for you, Steve...

Should Zone Coordinators act as a locus for problem solving (or addressing) between Zones and their cells? Just as a what if, Cell A in Zone A has an issue with Cell B in Zone B. Should Cell A go through the ZCs, or is this a higher echelon responsibility? I'm not clear on what is prefered as you note we are hands-off - plus the open door policy of CC members.

David W. Ferber ZC3-MFI

Wow... Hitting me with the hard ones early while I'm still brainstorming... <grin>
First off, I'd say that if Cell A and Cell B are having a tuft simply between those two, without any direct spillover to the MFI zone level or higher, then they should work out their diffs or agree to stay in opposite corners on their own.
Now, if there is spillover, then we probably need to let the ZC's have first crack at negotiating/finding a resoultion or a cease-fire. Anytime ZC's need to get dragged into a dispute, it's probably a good idea to copy correspondence to the CC [at least one anyway] just so nobody is taken by surprise. Unless I'm part of the problem <frown>, then the best CC member to include would be the COO [me] since the zones are my direct responsibility.
Does this help [for now]?
Steve COO

You know, this question probably should have been posted to the ZC Duties Talk page...
Oh well...
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