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This is historical material, 'frozen in time.' This page is no longer updated and links, external or otherwise may not work.

Maquis Member Ben Kokochak

Lcars name.jpg Ben Kokochak
Lcars rank.jpg Commander pip_cdr_red.jpg
Lcars dob.jpg 8201.19
Lcars pob.jpg Domanu, Capitol City
Lcars j mfi.jpg Oct 2001
Lcars assigns.jpg

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Lt. Commander Jentala Jentaro Krintami
EEH - Emergency Engineering Hologram

CDR Jentala "Ben" Krintami
EEH, MFS Delevhas

Terran Persona: Ben Kokochak
  • Home World: Telmank
  • Place of Birth: Domanu, Capitol City
  • Date of Birth: 2345 in the year of Hinal
  • Age: 25

  • Physique/Build: Heavyset, but muscular
  • Weight: 200 standard lbs.
  • Height: 6 standard feet 3 standard inches
  • Eye Colour: hazel to dark green (depending on mood)
  • Hair Colour: dark brown with blond highlights on sideburns
  • Skin Tone: light red
  • Distinguishing Marks: slight indentations under ears, where the Ferkan

gills used to be... now decorated with glowing blue jewel strips

  • Marital Status: single
  • Mother: Nemanuq Lopqun
  • Father: Kroteal Mqunat
  • Brother: Oputnai Cwuvalr


  • Talents/Abilities: ability to adapt to any situation, and to blend in a crowd... is able to use this talent to observe and use what he sees and hears to the advantage of his friends, family, and shipmates.
  • Strengths: Excels in quantum mechanics and computational subspace flux dynamics. Also is able to scrounge up any needed part or anything else needed.
  • Limitations/Weaknesses: Beautiful women, allergic to plomeek soup, and Romulan ale
  • Likes: Beautiful women, glop on a stick, parisees squares, Klingon opera, Andorian Sweet Breads...
  • Dislikes: Orions, bureaucracy, Romulan Sitar Ballads
  • Quirks: Likes to hang upside down from the quantum converter in the engine room while quoting Ferengi Interest Calculations and listening to Klingon Opera...
  • Hobbies/Interests: Beautiful women, parisees squares, Klingon opera, Buddhist sand art....
  • Ambitions: to one day have his own privateer vessels and give space tours to wealthy Federation citizens


Starfleet Academy School of Engineering

  • Warp Field Theory
  • Subspace Reactor Management
  • Space Frame Design

Empirucus Romulus Academy of Engineering

  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Military History
  • Centurion Academy

Vulcan Academy of Science

  • Temporal Mechanics
  • Subspace Flux Dynamics
  • Xenoarchaeology

Service Record

2 years aboard the Federation trainer ship Xerxes
2 years Engineer apprenticeship on the spaceline Britannia
3 years on the Romulan ship Delania
3 months on the ship Resolute

Promotion History

1 year Starfleet cadet
2 year Spaceman 1st class
1 year Uhlan
2 years Centurion

Personal History and Origin

Jentala was born to middle class parents on the Ferkan homeworld of Telmank. His father was a manager of a government power generating plant when there was a catastrophic meltdown and his father was severely injured. Jentala was forced to go to work as a Diplomatic aide to the Federation ambassador to Telmank. Due to his excellent work as an aide for two years the ambassador offered him a spot in Starfleet Academy, which his parents urged him to take.

Jentala served with excellence in his two years at the Starfleet Academy, but dropped out due to the fact he was upset with the Federation's policies of not giving aide to the Ferkan government in their time of need.

Jentala then spent 2 years as an Engineers apprentice on the passenger spaceliner Britannia. He was urged by the captain and the chief engineer of the ship to attend Vulcan Academy of Science for further study in engineering.

Jentala attended the VAS for 3 years but found that the Vulcan's were too "stuffy", and he decided to move on. He wondered about for about a year before he was recruited by a Romulan Tal-Shiar operative on the Risa colony. Due to the fact that she was the most gorgeous woman he had beheld, he soon found his way to Empirucus Romulus Academy. After three years of study he served a year as an Uhlan aboard the Delania as Engineers mate, then two years as a Centurion as Assistant Engineer. He was then transferred to the Resolute, where he served until his untimely death. Always thinking ahead, Jentala constructed an EEH in his own image, so that he may still serve the Resolute as long as she flies.

Resource: The IKV Resolutewebsite...

Ben's Awards

OOTM Banner.jpg

1st Recipient of the "Order Of The Maquis"

Hall of Honor.jpg
Recipient of the "CompOps Hall of Honor" Award

Deceased MFI

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