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Rihannsu So'rdaz (Wedding Ceremony)

Friends/relatives of the couple present them with 4 gifts symbolizing the elements.

friend 1: Bont kandl v' ei'krih liorae, 'le sahe Heis'he hrian ehhae draed hrian.

(I give you these candles to light your home, as the fire of your passion for each other will light up all your lives.)

Priest/Priestess: Kuokur, bont Ocala v' lata ehhae ....llaiir v' eihss, ouria, llaiir v' vaurek ....Dellae v' Heis'he llairr ishae diamn.

(My children, I give you Fire to light your way . . .Sunfire, starfire, lifefire... to reflect the fire in your hearts. May the glory of the fire of your love burn strong forever.)

Friend 2: Bont irho v'l'oenn-uoira, sa hnnieth vaurek komhei iunnh.

(I give you this drink to soothe your thirst, as with the sweet water of your souls you will soothe each others' troubles.)

Priest/Priestess: Bont Ihhuein vaurek faest'hna..Thei vaurek faest 'le hnnieth draed, aekwinarrae achhu mollais.

(I give you Water to cleanse your soul--may your souls remain as pure as the Water of Life, the ocean primeval, pristine.)

Friend 3: Bont nhaih v' digaer nhiah, 'le Heis'he diamn d'anna meraere.

(I give you this cornerstone to be the foundation of your new home, as your enduring love for each other will be the foundation and support of your union.)

Priest/Priestess : Bont Avihl - nhaih diahmn . Thei' latasam ethae, thei'saakhe iunnh.

(I give you Earth -- Eternal rock that to life gives birth. May your true path across the Earth be ever smooth and may you never stumble from the way.)

Friend 4: Bont daihl daehp fvi digaer salae 'le aevr vaurek bont isha diamn.

(I give you this name-flag to fly above your home, as the free air of your twinned spirits will give flight to all your dreams.)

Priest/Priestess: Bont Jaeih kalabam aehv. Thei' aevr aen daimn.

(I give you Air that is the sigh of the Father of Storms in the Goddess' arms. May it rise and give flight to your wings, may it sustain you in your flight.)

Groom (pledges to Bride): E'lev, vaurek Ilaiir.....draed daihl.... vaurek tellis.... vaurek hnnieth. Kaevre stelam, kaevra rrhueieh, v' nouhha culhas Heis'he delethalhi diamn. Havra aeiiht d'era mnean vaurek hwi. Fvienn ...delevhas...vaurekoii... nodaire. Theah ...Diamn... d'anna.

(In our love have I found the fire of my soul, the foundation (earth) of my life, the breath of my songs, and the clear water of my soul. In star's heart and heart's desire, in the name of the Elements, I pledge my love unto you .... and myself unto the protection of your house from hence forth unto eternity*. As we travel together along the path of the stars we will from this day forth be one, I will be your strength and shield, your lifemate, and your guide. Now and forever... WE ARE ONE.)

Bride (pledges to Groom): Doaege ekhaid Theah... diamn ....dochai hwi. Doaege lyret, doage ilhra. Doaege kaevra, doaege vaurek . Culhas diamn lyret, ilhra. Doaege orheikar ....doage kuokur iikhekhi, d'anna. Hsah uan, hsah terrh, hsah afvuha, hsah ifir.... d'anna.

(The universe speaks in many languages, but from this day forward you and I speak with one voice... the language of truth and of trust. In the language of my heart, and the language of my soul, I pledge to you forever more my truth and trust. In the voice of our ancestors speaking through us and the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born, We are ONE. No matter the pain, no matter the darkness, no matter the loss, no matter the fear, WE ARE ONE.)

Priest/Priestess: Kuokur D'anna. Ikhuein pa'rshed'akhe. Jaeih aennh. Avihl nodaire. Okhala pokot. D'navassa nviamn, nviamn v' Rihannsu faelirh, Rihannsu paenhe. Fihaele En d'anna. Thea... diamn... caernur ehhae, vaurek Ikhuein. Pehai Avihl ekhaem. Ikhau Jaeih hrrafv. Haenither yyitair, uan , ifir. En hrrafv Heis'he.

(My children - You are a part of this world yet together... apart from this world. Water will quench your thirst, Air will fill your lungs, Earth will guide your steps, and Fire will warm you in winter's chill. All these are yours by right of birth, the right of every son and daughter born Rihannsu. In the name of the Elements, we recognize you now as ONE. From this day forward : Be as light to each other's eyes and life-giving water to each other's souls. Give of the richness of the earth, one to the other. Catch the wind within to sweep away all doubt, all pain, all fear. Be all things within your love.)

Priest/Priestess (gives benediction to the congregation): Thei Ilaiihr saakhe saehfe. Thei Jaeih saakhe d'era kalabam. Thei latasam ethae.... Thai caernur Ikhuein mhir oelh. URR SAITH ... RAEDA... D'ANNA.

(May you kindle Fire and never be burned by it. May the Air never send storms across your path. May that path across the earth be a soft one, and may the water of your tears always taste sweet with joy. Go in peace and joy to celebrate this new union.)

(*literally until the all suns stand still, leaving all Spheres in silence)

FCapt David Stayduhar 07:01, 4 October 2007 (PDT)

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