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Deputy Director: Maquis Romulan Legions
Deputy Director: Maquis Diplomatic Corps
Commanding Officer, MRV Areinnye

FCAPT David Stayduhar



01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Kellian e-Shikyrie tr'Khellian
Lcars rank.jpg Force Flight Colonel
Lcars dob.jpg SD 21239
Lcars pob.jpg Daal'Gareth Province, Ch'Rihan (Romulus)
Lcars e sfi.jpg N/A (Joined Tal Shiar, SD 42145)
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A (Left Tal Shiar, SD 54909)
Lcars j mfi.jpg SD 58649
Lcars assigns.jpg RSE Raven (RSE Intl')

TSV Areinnye (RSE Intl', Renegade)
MSS Thierrull (MFI)
Special Security Division (MFI)
Maquis Diplomatic Corps (MFI)
Maquis Romulan Legions (MFI)
MFS John W. Comish (MFI)
MRV Areinnye (MFI)

Personal Shuttle: MRV Ael'Aehallh (MFI)



Romulan of average looks and appearance, until you get a closer look. Long, dark brown hair tied back, and piercing ice-green eyes. May be seen wearing his traditional Romulan uniform from his days of serving in the Tal-Shiar, but more often in the black of the SSD.

Kellian was born on Stardate 21239, in the Daal'Gareth province on Ch'Rihan, the Romulan homeworld. His mother, Arrenhe, served as an aide to the Imperial Praetor, and his father, Giellun, was an operative in the Tal Shiar. Kellian entered the Romulan Military Academy on Stardate 40907, and subsequently was inducted into the service of the Tal-Shiar upon graduation on Stardate 42145. He rose quickly through the ranks, assuming the position of Director of the Security Directorate, and later, to the rank of Chairman of the Tal Shiar, and ultimately Imperial Praetor. This was, however, short-lived, as upheavals in the Romulan Senate, and Praetorate led him to step down, and (with a band of fellow dissidents) was exiled from the Empire, becoming a renegade, and outlaw.

Kellian and his renegade force went from world to world, spreading out until only a few remained. These settled on a long abandoned Cardassian mining station, and after performing the necessary repairs to make it operational, converted it into a secret intelligence gathering hub known as Thierrull.

With the heightened war between the Federation and Cardassian Union, and later the Dominion War threatening their position, Kellian sought out the newly formed Maquis, and offered his station and its resources to their cause. After the defeat of the Dominion Forces in 2374, The crew maintained contact with the Maquis, and later joined its ranks on SD 58649.

Kellian later joined the Special Security Division of the Maquis, lending the skills he learned while serving in the Tal Shiar to help rebuild it into a working organization. He now serves as the Deputy Director of the Special Security Division.

On Stardate 60159, MSS Thierrull was subject to a sabotage attack by renegade Klingon forces, and destroyed. All crewmembers were evacuated, and relocated to the Sovereign Class Dreadnaught variant, MFS John W. Comish, which Kellian then took command of. Later, on Stardate 61170, Kellian and a chosen few of his crew ventured into Romulan Territory and reclaimed his former Noraxen Class Warbird, MRV Areinnye, and turned command of the MFS John W. Comish to his sister, and former Medical Officer, Llaiir. Then, on Stardate 61215, a long awaited event took place when Kellian, and his long-time consort, Jera i-Sarine tr'Khellian, performed the So'rdaz (Wedding Ceremony), uniting themselves and their houses as one. Subsequently, Kellian was also commissioned to Command the Romulan Legions of the Maquis Forces.

Force Colonel Kellian e-Shikyrie tr'Khllian and the crew of the MRV Areinnye are currently missing in the Delta Quadrant, and searching for a wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant and home.

Real Life Bio


Real Name David James Stayduhar
Occupation: Sales Associate at Turkey Hill store #91, LeMoyne PA.
Date of Birth 10 October, 1967
Place of Birth Meadville, PA, USA, Earth
Education General McLane High School: Edinboro, PA-1987

Edinboro University of PA: Edinboro, PA- 1988 to 1991
CamTECH: Erie, PA - 2003
Erie Business Center: Erie, PA - 2007-2009 (ASB Information Technology- Magna Cum Laude) Erie Business Center: Erie, PA - 2009-2010 (ASB Accounting- Summa Cum Laude)

Family: Parents: Edward H. Stayduhar (1941); Darla M. (Dailey) Stayduhar (1941)- Camp Hill, PA
  • Brother: Edward C. Stayduhar (1966)-New Cumberland, PA
    • Tammy J. (McDade) Stayduhar (1963)
      • Anthony P. Stayduhar (1989)
  • Sister: Melanie L. (Stayduhar) Dillon (1970)- Akron, OH
    • Christina M. Dillon (1994)
    • Heather A. Dillon (1995)
    • Shawn D. Dillon (1997)

Married (2000) ;Separated (2006)

  • Carla "Kat" J. (Comish) Stayduhar (1953)
    • Jim Stulting (step-son, 1978)- Hillsboro, OR

Fan Club Experience


1993-1994: USS Angstadt (IFT)
1994-2000: USS LoPresto (IFT,UFPI)
1995-1996: IFT Academy East
1998: Director of Special Services (UFPI)
Director of Tal Shiar Security Directorate (RSE)
MAQ Farslayer (International Maquis Alliance)
1998-1999: Ambassador to UPFI/IFT (RSE)
1998-2000: TSV Areinnye (RSE)
1998-2003: IKV Sto'vo'Kor (IKEF)
1999-2000: Chairman of the Tal Shiar (RSE)
Chief Ambassador/Chief of Diplomatic Services (UFPI)
2000(briefly): Imperial Praetor (RSE-resigned from club shortly there-after as a result of internal power plays)
2000-2006: USS John W. Comish (IFT)
2005: Command Counselor/Advisor for the Special Security Division (MFI)
2005-2006: MSS Thierrull (MFI)
2005-2007: Deputy Director of the Special Security Division (MFI)
2006-2007: MFS John W. Comish (MFI)
2007-2008: Director Maquis Romulan Legions
2007-Present: Deputy Director of the Maquis Diplomatic Corps (MFI)
2007-present: Office of Systems Analysis: Special Operations Command
2007-Present: MFI Ambassador to United Federation of Planets Internationale (UFPI)
2007-Present: MRV Areinnye (MFI)
2008-Present: Deputy Director Maquis Romulan Legions

1999: Penned and Orchestrated Triple Alliance between RSE/IFT/UFPI*
2000: Orchestrated Alliance between IKEF and UPFI*
2007: Orchestrated Alliance between MFI and UFPI*

David has been a fan (of sorts) of Star Trek since he first saw it in syndication in 1973, when he was about 6 years old. He remembers being afraid of Spock (must have been the ears) but would make little stick drawings of the Enterprise (well, what do you expect from a 6 yr old?). He watched it on and off throughout his childhood, really getting into it while he was in High School. Near his 20th birthday, he remembers going to a friend's house in Pittsburgh to watch the premier of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also remembers how unimpressed he was, and he didn't watch it again until the third season, when he and his friends gathered in the dormitory lobby for Star Trek Saturdays, where they would watch the latest episodes and eat pizza. Next came Deep Space Nine, which soon became his favorite of the Trek Series. Something about the "Darkness" of it all, and the remoteness made it a better series, despite being on a space station. He was very disappointed when they ended it after seven seasons, and thinks they should make a movie chronicling Captain Sisko's return and the aftermath of the Dominion War. The other two series, Voyager and Enterprise, he never got to see too much of because of Paramount's refusal to allow other networks to carry either, and the fact that the local cable providers didn't offer a UPN channel.

His fandom experience goes back to around 1990, when he heard of a local fan club on the campus of Edinboro University of PA named the USS Stephen Hawking, which was a chapter of the IFT. He had applied to join, but never got the chance as they had dissolved shortly thereafter. In 1992, he moved to the Lemoyne, PA, where he had discovered another chapter of IFT, the USS Angstadt in another nearby town. He joined that club, and was later given the option to start his own chapter, the USS LoPresto, in 1994. The new chapter grew quickly, and when he moved south to near York, PA the next year, the crew was split- The LoPresto moving to Dallastown, PA, and the remaining members forming the USS LaForge (which consisted mainly of visually impaired members. A year later, both chapters left IFT, and the clubs re-merged into the LoPresto and joined with UFPI, where the club became more of an internet chapter. In 1996, the club again uprooted itself, and moved to Edinboro, PA. It was then that David discovered other clubs existed, and joined RSE (forming the TSV Areinnye) and IKEF (Forming the IKV Sto'vo'kor). Now with three different clubs to juggle, he decided he needed a base station, thus, Khitomer II Station, an abandoned Cardassian Mining station like Deep Space Nine, was created. There was also a brief encounter with a short-lived Maquis club known then as the International Maquis Alliance, in which he formed the MAQ Farslayer. He rose to the rank of Chairman of the Tal Shiar in RSE, and then, briefly, to Imperial Praetor, before internal power plays and politics caused him, along with his and other chapters to leave that club. That left the LoPresto and Sto'vo'kor. Shortly after moving to Erie, PA, internal politics caused the LoPresto to withdraw from UFPI, and rejoin IFT, this time with a new ship, the USS John W. Comish (which was named in memory of Kat's father). The Sto'vo'kor was later decommissioned after politics and "foul play" caused it's withdrawal from IKEF. The Comish remained the only chapter, at the time, and Khitomer II was officially closed. Then in 2005, David discovered MFI, and coerced his crew to join with him, and re-opened Khitomer II as Thierrull Station, making it a SSD base station. After the John W. Comish left IFT, he transferred it over to MFI. When the chapter grew, and the need to split the chapter became an option, he brought back the Areinnye and split the crew- some staying with the Comish (now commanded by Kat Stayduhar) and the rest going to the Areinnye. Now, as CO of the MRV Areinnye, he is also Director of the Maquis Romulan Legions, as well as Deputy Director of the Maquis Diplomatic Corps, and Ambassador to United Federation of Planets Internationale (UFPI).

My Blogs

Fear the AoD!!!
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