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Vice International Coordinator
Maquis Forces International

VADM Frank Parker


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Pd romulan2.jpg
Lcars name.jpg Galan Cretak
Lcars rank.jpg Daise'Enarrain Rom slvr 2a.jpgRom slvr 1.jpg
Lcars dob.jpg 5307.23
Lcars pob.jpg ch'Rihan
Lcars e sfi.jpg 9311.01
Lcars l sfi.jpg 9611.10
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0606.20
Lcars assigns.jpg CO MFS Intrepid II June 06 - Aug 09 (MFI)

Deputy Zone Coordinator VR
Rihannsu Khellrea Leih( Maquis Romulan Legion Commander)



Real Life File


Real Name Frank 'FilkFerret' Parker
Occupation: Quality Assurance
Date of Birth 23 July, 1953
Place of Birth Springfield, MA
Residing Now Gastonia NC
Education Wilbraham Academy 1967-1971

Various Colleges and Adult education courses Non Degreed

Family: Married to Captain Donna S. Parker "Lady Ferret"

Children: Dineen; Stephanie (deceased) ;Jennifer;
Heather;Shannon; Carolyn and Jesse
Grandsons Cameron; Ethan; Niko and Aeron
Granddaughter Kylie

Fan Club Experience: Shuttlecraft Intrepid II (SFI)

USS Intrepid II (SFI)
USS Ronald E. McNair (SFI) First Officer 2006-2007
USS Hornet (SFI) C.O. 2007-2009
Romulan Star Empire Chief Diplomat and COS Naval 2007-2008
KAG Xenoleigion XO of the IXL Hoynika
MFS Intrepid II (MFI)
M.A.S.S. F.I.L.C.
Carolina Filk
Vice Chair ConCarolinas 2007,2010
Chair ConCarolinas 2008, 2009
Filk Performances at various conventions
Filk Biography
Charity Task Force Project
VIC Staff
Past VICs

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