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Lcars name.jpg Hooper
Lcars rank.jpg Captain
Lcars dob.jpg 031385
Lcars pob.jpg Paducah, KY, USA, Earth
Lcars e sfi.jpg 2009
Lcars l sfi.jpg 2010
Lcars j mfi.jpg 2010
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MFIWiki Administrator

MFS Constellation (2010-Present)

International Coordinator (2007-Present)
Supervisor, Awards Department (2006-Present)


Captain Hooper


Captain Hooper commands the MFS Constellation, and the USS Constellation of STARFLEET.

Real Life File


MFS Constellation Commanding Officer
The Hooper Family

  • Name: Hooper
  • Occupation: Collections Agent

  • Date of Birth: 12 March 1985
  • Place of Birth: Paducah, KY, USA
  • Family: Parents Hooper & Sissy, Sister Heather, Wife Aimee, Children Katherine Renee & William James Riley Hooper

I am a husband and father and a collections agent for a large midwest collections agency. I also am a small business owner though I rarely find time to book or promote bands at the rate I formerly did.

-- Hooper 1846, 01 FEB 2010 (CST)

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