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Maquis Forces International
ZONE 4 - (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin)
Yes this is the place to get the scuttlebutt or butt of the scuttle(though why you're doing that is beyond me but have fun!). Yes the water cooler, or watering hole as it was in ancient times (lol), it is well known as a place to gather for refreshment and information. In keeping with that theme this is our 'water cooler'. The place for the MFI Zone 4 Maquis and her allies to get pertinent (at least to us!) information and news. Welcome to the TA-DA! splash page! From here will be linked links(a shock I know) of usefulness (or that are at least amusing). If you are a Zone 4 member or ally of Zone 4 and you want to make a suggestion of something to add or remove please let me know.
General Christina Doane (Zone Four Coordinator]


Zone 4 Calender of events

Zone 4 News and Announcements

Zone 4 Awards and End of Year Awards

Conventions in the Zone 4 Area

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