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24 September 2023
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Computer Operations Seal, designed by Samuel Cummings

MFI Computer Operations

Main Database Interface


Computer Operations Department is proud to announce the development and implimentation of the new MFI Database Interface System. This new system will make available to all members various aspects of their service records, as well as allow staff members from Commanding Officers on up to better handle their record keeping and reporting responsibilities.

Keep in mind that not all the features listed below will be completed at once. As features are completed and debugged, they will be placed online and access to the appropriate people will be announced. Also keep in mind that all activity will be logged and anyone making improper or illegal changes will have their access to the DB suspended.


  • View your Service Record: You will be able to look at your service record, see what required exams you've completed, Check if you're password has been set, see your service comment entries, and view your contact data and see each one's status (hidden or pubicly viewable).
  • Change your password: Any password changed via this system will be encoded such that no one else can see it. If you forget your password you can still have CompOps reset it.
  • Update your personal and contact information: Update your name ,correct your birthdate and edit your contact information. You will also have the ability to set any individual piece of contact information (address, phone, main email, alt emails, IM ID's, etc) to be viewed publicly. All such information is defaulted to be hidden from all but your CO and the CC. You have complete control. You can add, remove and edit as they change, as well as hide or show. Items that you allow to be shown will be incorporated into other pages later, especially for those who also hold staff positions.
  • View your Chaper's Service Record.

Commanding Officers/First Officers (CO's/XO's):

  • View and edit your crew's records: Do anything that they could do to their own record. This feature is available to handle any crew member without Internet access. Use it wisely! You'll be also be able to add service record comments to their records and eventually even add Chapter Level Awards to their records, which will update the Hall of Honor and the individual record.
  • View and edit your chapter service record: Includes most of the features of the members' Service Records with a few differences.
  • Edit your crew roster. Your ability to edit your crew roster includes adding current MFI members, processing new members into MFI and your chapter (for your chapter only), and removing memebrs from your roster.

Zone Coordinators(ZC's):

  • View and edit the records of the cells within your Zone
  • View and edit the records of the CO's and XO's of those cells: This is limited to the CO's and Xo's only and includes none of the individual members.
  • Add Zone Level Awards directly to the records and the Hall of Honor.

Branch Heads:

  • View which members are part of your branch.
  • Edit the the Branch roster.
  • Add Branch Level Awards directly to the records and the Hall of Honor.


  • Enter the grades directly into a member's records which will automatically update their record and ribbons.

This is just the beginning. New ideas are welcomed. Any problems should be brought to the immediate attention of the Chief of Computer Operations (CompOps).

Click here to log into the new DB Interface System!

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