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Please note other staff may be added as needed.

To recommend a new position please email description to Commandant.

Academy Deputy Commandant

[Contact The Deputy Academy Commandant]
Job Description:
Assists Academy Commandant (AC) as needed. The DAC (Deputy Academy Commandant) is the second in command of MFI Academy and shall preside over the Academy in the AC’s absence. The DAC is responsible for the smooth operation of the Academy as a whole, including matters of personnel and staff concerns. The DAC is to represent the ideas of the AC, when applicable, to the Academy and in all other ways support the AC and the Academy mission.

New Course Development Director

No Photo Available
Job Description:
This person is primarily responsible for Academy Course Research and Development. Their job is to look for new opportunities for new courses for the Maquis Academy. This may include but not be limited to polling the student population to discover interests, organize course writing committees, and assisting in reviewing new course submissions from outside the Academy.

The Academy Maquis Reference Librarian

FAdm Christina Doane
"Please state the nature of your informational emergency."
Contact The Academy Maquis Reference Librarian
Job Description:
The Academy Maquis Reference Librarian assists in Academy Administration, coordinates communication between parties, and can act as a reference for all things Maquis or Academy. Or at least be able to direct you to the correct person. Generally an all purpose informational resource, here to assist.

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