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(EDITORS NOTE: On transcribing this to MFIwiki we have tried to leave much of this transcript as it was originally recorded, complete with most mis-spellings. We did correct some HTML codes that didn't cross very well. We also took advantage of wiki formatting to make this historical record easier to search, reference, and enjoy. Keep in mind that some comments, references, ranks, and email addys may only be correct within the correct timeframe in history during which these events occured.)


Attached is the transcript to the Change of Command held November 1st. It's in txt format so it should be openable to most word processors. I will also be making a web age with it for those who wish to read it there and/or do not have access to a word processor.

RAdm. Logan Andrews ICQ# 124910814
Commanding Officer, MFS Trinity NCC-74653, Zone 2, MFI
Director, Membership Dept.
Director, MFI Awards Dept.
Chief Negotiator and Ambassador to RSE and IFT, MFI Diplomatic Corp


<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Good Evening fellow rebels and Maquis. I am Rear Admiral Logan Andrews and I have the honor of being your MC and host for the evening.

This is our first ever Change of Command. I want to first thank all of you for attending. For the most part this will be a lot of ceramony. But ceramony is an important part of our history and tradition, even within fan organizations.

Orders like "Attention" and "At Ease" will be issued. This is also part of the Ceramony. Please do not feel a need to type a response to them.

We will try to keep this both brief and entertaining. We have a lot of people to reconize and award tonight. Please bear with us and enjoy yourselves.

The room is moderated so no one who is not listed as "voiced" can speak. If you wish to, please send me a private message while others are talking and I'll see if there is a place to fit you in. There will be no guarentees though.
Including my spelling!

Without further ado, let us begin the Change of Command.


<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Attention on Deck!

  • LauraHartwell_Adm sounds boarding whistle

<LauraHartwell_Adm> Maquis Forces International Arriving!
<GaryDavis-FADM> Enters the Room

  • GaryDavis-FADM enters the room and takes his position on the stage

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> MFI, At Ease.

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Six years ago a young Lt. j.g. from the newly commissioned MFS Trinity began his career in MFI as the ship's Communication's Officer. Since then I have been talking to Gary at least once every week or so. Gary has been an inspiration to me, as I am sure he has been to many of you and others in MFI.

It was he that first appointed me to head the SSD and later reccommended me to lead Special Forces when SOC and SSD merged. He took my suggestion of having an Awards Department and said, "Good idea. Make it happen." He trusted me enough to allow and encourage me to negotiate not only one but two Treaties with other International fan organizations. Incidentially, because of one I got to personally meet and shake hands with George Takei. Thank you Gary.

I know that I am not the only person he's inspired. Gary has been the heart and core of this organization for over a decade. He has wroked hard to put this organization firmly on it's feet and ensure that it will stay there. We have become one of the most unique international organizations in Star Trek Fandom.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Officers and Guest, I present to you my hero, and your leader...
Force Admiral Gary Davis

FADM Davis' Speech

  • GaryDavis-FADM takes podium

Coordinator Council, Officers, Crewmembers of Maquis Forces International. Tonight I am with you on the eve of history for our organization. Tonight we are here to witness MFI's first ever change of command.

As you all know, I was in the Navy for 21 years. I attended quite a number of change of commands and the tone of those ceremonies were always a somber yet exhilarating one. The ceremony symbolized the end of one era, the departure of a commanding officer, and the beginning of another, the arrival of a new commanding officer.

Tonight we are gathered for just such a ceremony. Tonight I turn over the reigns of "command" of our organization to a trusted friend, colleague, and to the man who we all have the utmost trust in to lead our organization throughout his tenure as Force Admiral.

One thing I've also learned about change of commands, is that the ceremony isn't as much about the departing skipper, as it is about the incoming one. Tonight is Rob's night, tonight belongs to Admiral Rob Johnson, MFI's newly elected Force Admiral.

However, before I pass the command codes to Rob, I'd like to just speak shortly and recognize a few individuals who have helped me lead this organization for nearly a decade. First, I'd like to express my sincere and heart felt appreciation for this organization for allowing me to be your Force Admiral for so very long. Way back in June of 1995, I had no idea that this concept, this club, would endure so long.

When I proposed to my gallant crew of the USS NEBULA back then that we should go independent and form a Maquis club, little did I know that it would evolve into what we all see as MFI today. It was the spirit of that independence, the foundation of FUN, and the lack of politics that plagued many other fan clubs which set our club apart and made us stand out among the crowd. For this experience I again thank you.

It has been a truly enriching experience that makes me what I am today. A man's life is a sum of his experiences and what he chooses to do with them to enrich other parts of his life. MFI has enriched my life to the extreme and I carry on what I have learned, enjoyed, and coveted onto future endeavors in fandom and in real life.

I'd like to recognize a few individuals who have made my administration a success and the light of my leadership shine a little brighter and strive a little further. There are so very many to recognize, yet these individuals shone the brightest.
First, I have some awards that were voted on by the Coordinator Council.

Out-going IC's Awards/Presentations

MFI Commendations

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Admiral Laura Hartwell Front and Center!

  • LauraHartwell_Adm moves to stand in front of GaryDavis-FAdm and salutes
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute

<GaryDavis-FADM> Gary: It is my pleasure to present to you the MFI Commendation Medal

  • GaryDavis-FADM presents Award and shakes LauraHartwell-Adm's hand
  • LauraHartwell_Adm accepts the Award and shakes GaryDavis_FAdm's hand
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute
  • LauraHartwell_Adm takes one step back and salutes and returns to her seat

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Rear Admiral William Robertson Front and Center!

  • WillRobertson-RAdm moves to stand in front of GaryDavis-FAdm and salutes.
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute

<GaryDavis-FADM> It is my pleasure to present to you the MFI Commendation Medal
<GaryDavis-FADM> : /me presents Award and shakes WillRobertson-RAdm's hand

  • GaryDavis-FADM presents Award and shakes WillRobertson-RAdm's hand
  • WillRobertson-RAdm accepts the Award and shakes GaryDavis_FAdm's hand.
  • WillRobertson-RAdm takes one step back and salutes and returns to his seat
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute
  • WillRobertson-RAdm takes one step back and salutes and returns to his seat

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Rear Admiral Sammuel Cummings Front and Center!

  • SamuelCummings-RADM moves to the stand in front of GaryDavis-FADM and salutes
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute

<GaryDavis-FADM> It is my pleasure to present to you the MFI Commendation Medal

  • GaryDavis-FADM presents Award and shakes SamCummings-RAdm's hand
  • SamuelCummings-RADM accepts the award and shakes GaryDavis-FADM's hand
  • SamuelCummings-RADM takes one step back, salutes then returns to his seat

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Commadore Taylor Goodwill Front and Center!

  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute
  • TaylorGoodwill-COMO moves to the stand in front of GaryDavis-FADM and salutes
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute

<GaryDavis-FADM> It is my pleasure to present to you the MFI Commendation Medal

  • GaryDavis-FADM presents Award and shakes TaylorGoodwill-Comm's hand
  • TaylorGoodwill-COMO accepts the award and shakes GaryDavis-FADM's hand
  • TaylorGoodwill-COMO takes one step back, salutes then returns to his seat
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns the salute

Order of the Maquis

<GaryDavis-FADM> Next, I have some more individual awards I would like to present

<GaryDavis-FADM> Admiral Laura Casey, MFI's first "Vice" and one of my three "Number Ones" from my first fandom command, USS NEBULA. Laura or "Goody" as we all affectionately know her, is simply the TOPS in my book. I've never met a more selfless, kind, and caring woman as she is. Laura, I wish you were here for me to hug!

  • GaryDavis-FADM hugs "Goody"
  • LauraHartwell_Adm smiles and sends a virtual hug

<GaryDavis-FADM> Admiral Rob Johnson, My first "Number One" on the USS NEBULA. He helped me form the NEBULA and met my wife and I through our first love in fandom, costume making. Rob has been my conscience, my sounding board, and my confidant for many years. I hope we never stop reading each other's minds and finishing each other's sentences.

  • GaryDavis-FADM shakes Rob's hand firmly!
  • RobJohnson-ADM shakes hand firmly as well

<GaryDavis-FADM> Admiral Tom Donohoe, NEBULA's second "Number One", MFI's second and long lasting Vice, and my right arm for so many years. MFI is today because of Tom's involvement. Tom has been there from nearly the beginning, we've seen "action" together in wars of fandom over the years and we continue to fight the good fight from the trenches. My world would be lost without Tom.

  • GaryDavis-FADM shakes Tom's hand firmly
  • TomDonohoe-ADM shakes Gary's hand firmly as well!

<GaryDavis-FADM> Rear Admiral Will Robertson, MFI's computer "guru". He picked up the ball after having it passed by Laura and gave our website a makeover, a tune-up, and dropped a V-8 in while he was at it. Will is simply "DA MAN" when it comes to computer operations for MFI. <GaryDavis-FADM> Will amazed me so much in what he does in MFI, I talked my company into hiring him to work on the website, so Will has had the distinction of hearing me gripe about TWO worlds, our Maquis fandom world, and the real world of business as he works on BOTH my websites (GRIN)

  • GaryDavis-FADM salues smartly
  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes smartly
  • WillRobertson-RAdm salutes Gary's with a HUGE grin on his face.
  • GaryDavis-FADM doesn't know how to spell!

<GaryDavis-FADM> These four individuals I am bestowing MFI's TOP award to...
<GaryDavis-FADM> The Order of the Maquis has only been awarded twice before. As my final act of MFI, I wanted them to have the honor of having this award.
<GaryDavis-FADM> They truly were and are the "best and the brightest"

Other Special Awards

<GaryDavis-FADM> Next.. I have two more "movers and shakers" I want to recognize...

<GaryDavis-FADM> Vice Admiral Jon Cone -- The "behind the scenes" man. The jack of all trades and master of none (grin), the one who does the dirty work and no one gives him the credit deserved. Jon is a truly amazing guy who is always there to roll up his sleeves when things need to get done. Jon, your involvement in MFI is appreciated and we give you the credit you deserve tonight.
<GaryDavis-FADM> Jon is working tonight, but I send out my congrats to him nonetheless.

  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes Jon

<GaryDavis-FADM> Rear Admiral Logan Andrews... The Awards DUDE! Logan took a program that needed done, had to be done, yet no one wanted to do it and not only breathed life into it, he made it live, sing, and dance. We all owe Logan (or whatever his real name is), a debt of gratitude! Since I couldn't come up with a special award for making the awards system, I guess MFI's highest commendation medal will have to suffice. KUDOS, Logan! (EDITORS NOTE: MFICM)

  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes an HOPEFULLY surprised Logan
  • LoganAndrews-RAdm returns the salute, feeling most honored
  • GaryDavis-FADM issues an evil snicker

Passing of Command Codes

<GaryDavis-FADM> Group. I stand ready to read my orders
<GaryDavis-FADM> I am ordered this night to relinquish command of Maquis Forces International.
<GaryDavis-FADM> Further I am to report to MFI HQ as the new Chief of Communications.
<GaryDavis-FADM> Admiral Johnson, Computer, transfer command codes, DAVIS-ALPHA-ONE-SEVEN-OH-ONE. I stand relieved.

  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes Admiral Johnson
  • RobJohnson-ADM salutes FADM DAVIS

<RobJohnson-ADM> Computer... Transfer Level 1 command codes to Johnson-Zulu-022053.

FADM Johnson's Speech

It's been 10 yrs since the formation of Maquis Forces, which later developed into MFI. Little did we know that the club we would form, simply to keep friends in communication with each other, using free web sites (at the time), would blossom into what it has become today.

With the World-Wide-Web in its infancy, it seemed like a good idea to make the new organization Web-Based, to have all of our membership material free to download from the web, eliminating the NEED for postage, paper, envelopes and other items normally related to needing to charge a membership fee.

We figured that most organizational conflict stems around Money and Money Management. We figured that once we got MONEY out of the way, we could better focus on celebrating Star Trek by having fun and sharing experiences via bulletin boards, live chats via one of the Web's BRAND NEW pieces of software called ICQ (I seek you)

Wow... How things have changed!!

We were the 1st to offer members a free on-line academy, on-line Newsletter, virtually "instant access" to club officers (without running up a phone bill), free graphics assistance, web page assistance and more (including the 1st On-Line election).

We've come a long way in these last 10 years and I think we've done pretty well in changing with the technology. I'm proud of the support everyone has given MFI to hold up to the 10 yr "test" of Fan Organizations and to be the person you have elected in MFI's 1st International Coordinator election. Thank you!

I now wish to present an award.

In-coming IC's Awards

IC Emeritus

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Force Admiral Gary Davis Front and Center!

  • GaryDavis-FADM stands tall
  • RobJohnson-ADM salutes

<RobJohnson-ADM> As everyone knows, FADM Davis is the founding father of MFI. His dissatisfaction with the way other fan organizations were being handled is what drove us to form a new organization... One that wasn't confined to the traditional Postal Service delivery method, wasn't dependent on funds to supply postage, or the other "hard goods" that go along with mailing out fan material... Something the members could enjoy for free.

When a president so instrumental in the organization retired from office, in order to honor their efforts, we would proclaim them "President Emeritus" status... A term used for someone who, although no longer the Actual President, would retain all honors and privileges normally given the president, for as long as he wished to be affiliated.

Reading the proclamation says it all. When we had a meeting of the CC and Dept. Heads, it was unanimously decided to award FADM Gary Davis with this proclamation.

<RobJohnson-ADM> FADM Davis... It is my pleasure to present to you, on behalf of both the Outgoing and Incoming Coordinator Council, the title of International Coordinator Emeritus.

  • RobJohnson-ADM presents Award and shakes GaryDavis-FADM's hand.
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns handshake
  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes FADM Rob Johnson
  • RobJohnson-ADM returns the salute.

Special Promotion

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Rear Admiral Will Robertson Front and Center!

    • RobJohnson-ADM is now known as RobJohnson-FADM
  • GaryDavis-FADM performs an about face and returns to his seat
  • WillRobertson-RAdm moves to front and center and salutes RADM Logan Andrews
  • RobJohnson-FADM returns the salute

<RobJohnson-FADM> RADM Robertson has done an extraordinary job in his post as chief of Comp-Ops. He came forward at a time when we had a web design void. Several people had access to modifying the various aspects of MFI's web pages (all with various programming styles of their own), which left MFI with a real patchwork of styles and dead links.

It was a feat, in itself, to untangle and standardize the design and html of MFI's pages, but it didn't stop there...
Every time we've come up with an idea that we'd like to see added to MFI's pages, such as the Database and linking the Database to the Academy, Will has said "I think I can make that work"... and most times, he has!

It is this special devotion to his department, which deserves recognition beyond any award.
RADM Robertson, It is my pleasure to promote you, upon your retirement as chief of Comp-Ops, to Vice Admiral.

  • WillRobertson-RAdm blinks.
  • RobJohnson-FADM presents Rank Pins and shakes Will's Hand
  • WillRobertson-RAdm shakes Rob Johnson's hand, shocked.
  • WillRobertson-RAdm takes one step back slowly and salutes.
  • RobJohnson-FADM returns the salute
  • WillRobertson-RAdm smiles and returns to his seat.

<RobJohnson-FADM> I hope everyone is ready to change seats <Grin>

Assignment of Council & Branch Positions

<RobJohnson-FADM> Laura Hartwell will now assume the position of VIC.
<RobJohnson-FADM> ­Laura Hartwell, Do you stand ready to retain the position of Vice International Coordinator?
<LauraHartwell_Adm> Yes, Sir

  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes Laura Hartwell
  • LauraHartwell_Adm returns salute and smiles

<RobJohnson-FADM> Gary Davis will now assume the position of COC.
<RobJohnson-FADM> Gary Davis, Do you stand ready to assume the position of Chief of Communications?

  • GaryDavis-FADM salutes smartly and gears up word processor
  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes Gary Davis
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns salute

<RobJohnson-FADM> Liam Collins will now assume the position of MFMC Commandant.
<RobJohnson-FADM> Christina Doane, are you ready to relinquish command of MFMC to Liam?
<ChristinaDoane-Gen> Sir, Yes I am.
<ChristinaDoane-Gen> I stand relieved.
<RobJohnson-FADM> Christina Doane will now assume the position of Chief of Staff.
<ChristinaDoane-Gen> I relieve you Sir.
<RobJohnson-FADM> I stand relieved

  • ChristinaDoane-Gen Salute
  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes GEN Doane

<RobJohnson-FADM> Charles Parks will now assume the position of COO.
<CharlesParks-Commodore> Sir, Yes, Sir
<RobJohnson-FADM> Charles Parks, Do you stand ready to assume the position of Chief of Operations?
<CharlesParks-Commodore> Yes Sir

  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes Charles Parks
    • ChristinaDoane-Gen is now known as ChristinaDoane-COS
  • CharlesParks-Commodore returns salute to Rob

<RobJohnson-FADM> Jonathan Cone will now assume the position of Academy Commandant.
<RobJohnson-FADM> Samuel Cummings... Are you prepared to relinquish the Academy to Jonathan Cone?
<SamuelCummings-RADM> I am, sir.
<SamuelCummings-RADM> I stand relieved.

<RobJohnson-FADM> Samuel Cummings will now assume the position of Comp-Ops.
<SamuelCummings-RADM> I relieve you, sir.
<WillRobertson-RAdm> I stand relieved.

<RobJohnson-FADM> Will Robertson will now assume the position of Chief Maquis Advisor.
<WillRobertson-RAdm> Aye Sir

  • WillRobertson-RAdm powers up MS Advice 2005

<RobJohnson-FADM> ADM Donohoe- are you ready to relinquish your post?
<TomDonohoe-ADM> I am.
<RobJohnson-FADM> VADM Robertson - do you relieve ADM Donohoe?
<WillRobertson-RAdm> Yes Sir I do
<TomDonohoe-ADM> I stand relieved.
<RobJohnson-FADM> I now pronounce you Hus... oh wait... wrong script

  • TomDonohoe-ADM laughs
  • LoganAndrews-RAdm laughs

<RobJohnson-FADM> Norm Hackett will now assume the position of Special Forces Director.
<NormHackett-Capt> /me moves to stand in front of LoganAndrews-RAdm
<NormHackett-Capt> yes sir
<NormHackett-Capt> I releive you
<LoganAndrews-RAdm> I stand relieved

  • LoganAndrews-RAdm salutes NormHackett-Capt
  • NormHackett-Capt salutes LoganAndrews-RAdm

<RobJohnson-FADM> Logan Andrews will now assume the post of Membership Director
<RobJohnson-FADM> Logan, do you stand ready to assume the position of Membership Director?
<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Aye, Sir I do

  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes Logan Andrews
  • LoganAndrews-RAdm salutes RobJohnson-FADM

<RobJohnson-FADM> I now turn the dias back to our MC

Other Special Awards

KTF Ceremonial Emperor

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> ra'wI' mIgh zantai SalHov, Commander of the Klingon Task Force, will now present an award
<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Force Admiral Gary Davis Front and Center!

  • GaryDavis-FADM moves to stand in front of MikeAnderson-BGen and salutes
  • MikeAnderson-BGen returns the salute
  • GaryDavis-FADM as long as it doesn't involve "pain sticks"

<MikeAnderson-BGen> Gary, As Kahless founded the Klingon Empire, so too have you founded the Maquis Forces International and all that comes from it. So it is with great honor that the Klingon Task Force hereby names you as our Ceremonial Emperor. May all of Fandom tremble at the thought of what you have done in its name. Qapla'!!

  • GaryDavis-FADM is floored
  • MikeAnderson-BGen presents Award and shakes GaryDavis-FAdm's hand.
  • GaryDavis-FADM looks for his Batleth!
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns salute
  • GaryDavis-FADM shakes hand
  • MikeAnderson-BGen returns the salute.with bat'leth

<GaryDavis-FADM> OUCH.. that's sharp!

Order of the Maquis

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> Force Admiral Davis, Stand Fast! <LoganAndrews-RAdm> You have long been the inspiring force behind this organization. And while you have recieved many accolades and awards this evening, there is one left to present. I am proud to have the honor to do so.

  • GaryDavis-FADM stands fast

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> For your outstanding deication and loyality to this organization, I hereby present to Force Admiral Gary Davis our highest honor, The Order of the Maquis!
<LoganAndrews-RAdm> The 3rd such awarded since yours was approved before the others were

  • GaryDavis-FADM blushes
  • GaryDavis-FADM laughs
  • LoganAndrews-RAdm places the Order of the Maquis Medal around GaryDavis-FAdm's neck
  • LoganAndrews-RAdm steps back one pace and salutes GaryDavis-FAdm
  • GaryDavis-FADM returns salute
  • GaryDavis-FADM juggles medal and batleth


<LoganAndrews-RAdm> This concludes the Change of Command. We will be holding a reception in #maquis immediately following the piping off of the new Force Admiral. Please wait until you are dismissed to leave this room. <LoganAndrews-RAdm> MFI, Attenetion!

  • LauraHartwell_Adm sounds departing whistle
  • ChristinaDoane-COS stands at attention

<LauraHartwell_Adm> Maquis Forces International, Departing!

  • RobJohnson-FADM salutes the membeship
  • RobJohnson-FADM turns and decends from the stage, exiting the room.

<LoganAndrews-RAdm> MFI, Dismissed!

< End Transmission >

Post Ceremony IC Message

FADM Johnson message Tue Nov 2 21:17:35 EST 2004

To: [Maquis-Members]

As others have already mentioned, Logan did a fantastic job coordinating and choreographing the Change of Command ceremony. For those of you who were unable to attend, the transcript will be posted on the web within a couple days. If not for a couple CC members not being able to attend, we would not have had to wing it a bit.

Well Done Logan!! Congratulations to everyone who received awards last night and to VICE Admiral Will Robertson on his promotion. All awards were well deserved.

Most of our new staff are hitting the ground running, but please give us a few days to get settled in before hitting us with the big stuff. The new Department and SID Heads should be getting in touch with their groups within a few days... Some have already started recalls.

Comp-Ops has already started to update the CC/AC/Department contact pages, but most of you already know how to get in touch with all the key players.

Well... Now that the Change of Command is over, I need to catch up on sending out Academy certificates.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the CoC and thanks to all who showed up to watch.

Rob Johnson, FADM (aka Adm Robert J McCoy, MD) International Coordinator, MFI (Dean, MACOM)

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