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MFI Previous International Coordinators (ICs)

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The International Coordinator ("IC") is the head of the CC and is in charge of all meetings of the CC, unless absent or delegated. The IC is charged with ensuring that all information pertaining to organization policy changes is delivered to the CC members in a timely and reasonable fashion and shall serve as a reference for all CC members and organization members. The IC is by virtue the "Commander-in-Chief" and upon taking office, the Flag of the Force is transferred to the ship upon which the IC is a member. The IC is the President of the organization, and is responsible in every way for everything that occurs.

The IC presides over the entire organization and is responsible for the well being of everyone connected with the organization.
Force Admiral (ret) Gary Davis
September 1994 (Inception) thru November 2004
International Coordinator Emeritus (ICE) - November 2004

First MFI Change of Command

Force Admiral Rob "Robert J McCoy, MD" Johnson
Second International Coordinator November 2004 thru January 2007

Second MFI Change of Command


Force Admiral Samuel S.H. Cummings
Third International Coordinator January 2007 thru December 2010

Third MFI Change of Command


Force Admiral Christina Doane
Fourth International Coordinator January 2011 thru January 2015

Forth MFI Change of Command

FADM Pickett MFI 2015.jpg

Force Admiral Brian Pickett
Fifth International Coordinator January 2015 thru January 2016



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