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Ani pin smaller.gif LoneStarAnim sm.gif Ani BorgCube01 sm.gif S6 anim sm.gif ValiantAnim sm.gif
Logos Federation Ships Alien Ships Shuttles Non Canon Ships

Mfi logo small.gif Animaqpin2.gif Ani pin sm.gif Ani logo small 2.gif
Maquis Logo 1 Maquis Communicator Maquis Logo 2 Maquis Pin

Mfi med.gif
MFI Medical

Sfleetcommdark.gif Alert-green.gif AutoDestructAlert.gif Beam.gif
Starfleet Communications ALERT - Green Autodestruct Transporter Room

Academydark.gif Jupiterdark.gif Rehabdark.gif Medicaldark.gif
Starfleet Academy Jupiter Station Federation Rehabilitation Medical

Inteldark.gif Blackopsdark.gif Engineering Badge Spindark.gif Earthdark.gif
Federation Intelligence Black Operations Command Starfleet Engineering United Earth Agency (UEA)

UFP Logodark.gif Starfleet Logodark.gif Startreklogo.gif Mainlogo.gif
United Federation of Planets Starfleet Command Star Trek Starfleet/Klingon

Andoriandark.gif Bajoran Spin.gif Borgdark.gif Cardassian Logo.gif
Andorian Bajoran Borg Cardassian

Dom ani.gif Ferengi Spin.gif Gorndark.gif Iconian Logo.gif
Dominion Ferengi Gorn Iconian

Kazon.gif Klingondark.gif Kzindark.gif Oriondark.gif
Kazon Klingon Kzinti Orion

Q-Collective.gif Green metal spinning Romulan.gif Nemesisdark.gif Talaxdark.gif
Q Collective Romulans Romulans (Nemesis) Talaxian

Tholiandark.gif Trilldark.gif Triskelion Logodark.gif Vidiandark.gif
Tholian Trill Triskelion Vidians

Vulcan Spin.gif Tactcmdlight.gif Maquis.gif
Vulcans Tactical Command HQ Original Maquis Logo Pin

Red Alert.gif Yellow Alert.gif Green Alert.gif
Red Alert Yellow Alert Green Alert

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