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Ani pin smaller.gif LoneStarAnim sm.gif Ani BorgCube01 sm.gif S6 anim sm.gif ValiantAnim sm.gif
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Federation Ships

MFI HQ & Flagships

Ani-nebula.gif Ds9ani3.gif Defiant-01.gif
Nebula Class Terok Nor/MFI HQ (Empok Nor) Defiant Class

Versions Of "Enterprise"

Anim NX01.gif Cons anim.gif Ani-1701a.gif
Enterprise (NX-01) Class Constitution Class Constitution Class (Refit)

Exc anim.gif Ani-1701c.gif Ani-1701d.gif
Excelsior Class (Upgraded) Ambassador Class Galaxy Class

Ani-galaxyrefit.gif Ani-1701-e.gif
Galaxy Class (Refit) Soveriegn Class

Other Ships (In Alphabetical Order)

Ani-akira.gif Cen anim.gif Conste anim.gif
Akira Class Centaur Class Constellation Class

ANI-DAEDALUS.gif Ani-1701b.gif Ani-Intrep.gif
Daedalus Class Excelsior Class Intrepid Class

Oberthanim.gif Ani-Hope.gif LoneStarAnim.gif
Oberth Class Olympus Class Maquis Raider (Ju'Day Class)

Mir anim.gif No anim.gif Nor anim.gif
Miranda Class New Orleans Class Norway Class

Nova anim.gif Pro anim.gif Rav anim.gif
Nova Class Prometheus Class Raven Class

Sab anim.gif Ste anim.gif
Saber Class Steamrunner Class

Updated 18 Dec 2005

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