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Contacts Page

This page is to provide a quick reference to the various IM's of people. There are some rules to this page.

1) Only enter or edit your own IM information. Do NOT enter or edit anyone elses, not even spouses or other family relations. If it is found that the information entered or edited does not match the login then it will be rolled back.

2) When entering IM ID's that use full email addresses use _at_ instead of the @ symbol. This will prevent web bots from gathering your email from the site to send you spam. This rule is actually more of a guide line, and will not be enforced. If you put your email address on here and your spam level increases, you have only yourself to blame (and the spammers).

3) No jumping yourself to the top of the lists. Staff members can go to the top and will be rearranged based on position similar to the arrangement on the Hall of Honor. General members please place yourselves in alphabetical order. I WILL rearrange you if you are out of order, but please don't make my job any harder than it has to be.  ;)

4) If you join any social networking site DO NOT send out email notices to any listserv or MFI vanity addresses (i.e., especially those for MFI offices. This creates unneeded email traffic on

Inclusion or exclusion of any social networking site or IM platform on this page does NOT constitute any positive or negative endorsement by MFI. MFI has no recommendations for or against any site or platform.

Name ID
RADM Logan Andrews maquiscat
FADM Samuel Cummings Almighty Cummings
FADM Samuel Cummings (Mobile) ICCD1
FCAPT David W. Ferber nemstar4
FCAPT Glen Matheny Veren Lamburth
FCOL Robert Torres rrtrrs
COL Oliver Savander SR smirandr1
CDRE Frank Parker FilkFerret
CAPT Dallas Vinson dallaswvinson
FCAPT Jack Kern MaquisJack
VADM J. William Robertson LtKassah
FCPT Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr. GaryHollifieldJr
Name ID
RADM Logan Andrews logan_andrews
FADM Samuel Cummings jrny8791
VADM J. William Robertson ltkassah
ADM Laura Hartwell makahilahila
FCAPT David W. Ferber nemstar1
FCOL Robert Torres hellsfuryxo
LT Dawn Hess mrao_maquis
LTCDR Jim Westbrook korelres
COL Oliver Savander SR smirandr1
CDRE Frank Parker FilkFerret
FCAPT Jack Kern jack_kern
FCAPT Dallas Vinson dallaswv35077
FCAPT Glenna Juilfs
CAPT Antonia Matthews
FCPT Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr. chiefops74222
LTC Lesli Grage-Torres klingon_trekkie2059
CAPT Steven Wilkey steven_wilkey2000
F.Col.Paul Williams
MSN / Windows Live Messenger
Name ID
RADM Logan Andrews
FADM Samuel Cummings
VADM J. William Robertson
FCAPT David W. Ferber
FCOL Robert A. Torres
Changeling Gene Yazdir
CDRE Frank Parker
FCAPT Jack Kern
CAPT Dallas Vinson
FCAPT Glenna Juilfs
COL Oliver Savander SR
CAPT Antonia Matthews
CMDR Samuel Bibb
F.Col. Paul Williams
Name ID
RADM Logan Andrews 124910814
VADM J. William Robertson 19208161
FCAPT David W. Ferber 341215300
Changeling Gene Yazdir 12616025
COL Oliver Savander SR 253767230
CDRE Frank Parker 387855
FCAPT Jack Kern 282938048
CAPT Dallas Vinson 3582844
FCOL Robert Torres 499956864
Name ID
Adm Steve Lackey
FCOL Robert Torres
LTCDR Jim Westbrook koreltan at gmail dot com
CAPT Dallas Vinson
VADM J. William Robertson
FCAPT David W. Ferber
FCPT Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr. StarTrek.Gary at gmail dot com
FADM Samuel Cummings
Other IM Systems
Name System ID
FCAPT David W. Ferber MySpaceIM nemstar5
CAPT Dallas Vinson MySpaceIM dallaswv
FCOL Robert Torres MySpaceIM fresnorat
FCPT Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr. MySpaceIM dancemusiqluver
CAPT Dallas Vinson Jabber
FADM Samuel Cummings Xbox Live
FCOL Robert Torres Skype Morath.Landfall
FADM Samuel Cummings
FADM Samuel Cummings
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