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Imperial Maquis Forces
Mirror Maquis1b1.jpg
The Great Seal of
The Imperial Maquis Forces

  • Government: Empire
  • Head of Government: Emperor Gary Davis
  • Founded: 1994
  • Base: Empok Nor
  • Flagship: IMS Nebula
  • Official Language: Federation Standard (English)
  • Motto: "They took our homes, but we took back much more!..."
  • Affiliation: None


This is for those who wish to write Mirror bios or other materials, any personnel wishing to be creative as such are asked to contact the Event Coordinator Christina Doane or post here using this as the location. For example Fan_Fiction/Maquis_Mirror_Mayhem_Mirror_Portal_MyMirrorBio using the format of this introduction. Please see Event Coordinator for assistance if needed.

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