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Maquis Forces International Coordinator

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Authorization Order 3013 - Klingon Task Force Realignment

WHEREAS, The International Coordinator of MFI, serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Force; and

WHEREAS, Lieutenant General K'moghjIH has requested assistance on an international level for revitalizing and realigning the Klingon Task Force;

WHEREAS, The IC is Constitutioanlly mandated to provide for the benefit for the general membership of MFI; and

WHEREAS, The Vice International Coordinator is the officer in charge of branch and departmental operations within MFI.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Samuel S. H. Cummings, pursuant to the powers vested in me as International Coordinator and Commander-in-Chief of Maquis Forces International, hereby ORDER the following:

1. Designation of the Klingon Task Force.

  • The Klingon Task Force is formally placed into reconstruction / realignment status. General KTF activity shall now be directed by a reconstruction committee consisting of the Branch Head, the International Coordinator, the Vice International Coordinator and interested parties. The Task Force will remain under reconstruction / realignment status until such time as the Vice International Coordinator is satisfied that the Branch has satisfied the efforts of reconstruction / realignment.

2. Designation of Reconstruction Chair.

  • Lieutenant General K'moghjIH is hereby designated the Chair of the reconstruction / reaignment committee of the Klingon Task Force, in his capacity as head of the Branch. LGEN K'moghjIH shall remain in this capacity until such time as the Branch is removed from reconstruction / realignment status.

3. Reconstruction committee members.

  • Any member wishing to take part of the realignment of the Klingon Task Force is requested to do so. Participation is not limited to KTF Branch members, active or otherwise. All input will be appreciated.

4. Invalidity of any part of this order shall not effect the remainder of this order.

3. This order is effective immediately upon filing.

Ordered at EMPOK NOR, 03 September 2008.



The Great Seal of Maquis Forces International
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