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General K’moghjIH zantai-Ki’RK BIO

(pronounced "Ka-MOE-JEE" "key-ROCK")

Klingon Task Force Commander
Commanding Officer, ICV Heghnach


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Lcars name.jpg K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK
Lcars rank.jpg General, DaHar Master
Lcars dob.jpg 6101.01
Lcars pob.jpg Chal, Cha'ouw Empire
Lcars e sfi.jpg 9104.01
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0006.25
Lcars assigns.jpg


USS Potemkin (Starfleet)

USS Kasimar (Starfleet)
Shuttlecraft Cassiopeia (Starfleet)
USS Stellar Wind (Starfleet)
USS Inferno (Starfleet)

ICV Heghnach (MFI, MFA, House Ki’RK)
SEALS Team Six

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Lfrench.jpgTOS Klingon Lfrench.jpg

Kirkmainlogo.jpg Futureklingonlight.gif Klingondark.gif Bin Laden SEALS Team VI.jpg Mfa.jpg Mainlogo.gif Vulcan Spin.gif Kirkbadge.jpg
House Ki'RK Klingon Task Force SEALS Team Six Maquis Freedom Alliance Starfleet/Klingon Vulcan
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MFI Special Operations Qualification (SW)
Starburst gold.jpg Commendation marine.jpg Commendation ktf.jpg
Academy nme.jpg Academy aviation3.jpg Academy Comm2honors.jpg Academy compsci.jpg
Academy eng.jpg Law14honors.jpg Academy leadership.jpg Academy med5.jpg
Academy science2.jpg Academy marine4honors.jpg Academy marine nco.jpg Academy ssd4.jpg
Academy marine ocs Honors.jpg Academy soc2.jpg Academy ktf6honors.jpg Tenyr.jpg
Mfiuoy.jpg Mfivoy-2.jpg NavCampaign-6Hon.jpg Campaign badge.jpg
Campaign rank.jpg CompOps-Netiquette.jpg Achievement mfi.jpg Achievement marine.jpg
Achievement ktf3.jpg Z3uoy-4.jpg Z3roy.jpg Z3voy-8.jpg
Service military.jpg Service civilian.jpg Service community4.jpg Service convention2.jpg
Spaceholder.jpg Pd co.jpg Pd starburst gold.jpg Pd mfi achieve.jpg Pd co a.jpg
Spaceholder.jpg Pd acad grad.jpg Pd ktf.jpg Pd hq.jpg MMD13.jpg
Spaceholder.jpg Tier 2.jpg

Tall warrior with prominent knobbed brow ridges, Vulcan ears, dark grey-blonde hair and light skin. He has a solemn, serious manner. He wears a black and grey Command warriors uniform, with a metallic battle sash. Although trained as a medic and Commando, he prefers Command.


I am K'moghjIH, son of Kempoc! I was born on Chal. I was of a low-born house with many brothers and sisters. We all barely survived the Khitomer Massacre. When we became old enough, we all joined the Empire's Naval and Ground Forces. My father was a Klingon in the Battle Fleet that patrolled Khitomer. My mother was a Vulcan Science Officer of the House Surak aboard one of the Starfleet ships defending Khitomer. I am 50% Klingon, 37.5% Vulcan, 6.25% Romulan, and 6.25% Human.

K’moghjIH grew up always trying to find the balance between Vulcan logic and Klingon honor and strength. It is an emotional rollercoaster and battle that rages within him. He was constantly teased and reminded about the difference between brains and brawn. His mother would teach him the disciplines of logic and science and his father would teach him about Klingon honor and defense.

At the appointed age, he entered Starfleet Academy and graduated with honors as a Starfleet Marine. He was initially assigned to USS Potemkin (NCC-1711) as Pilot Leader. Received promotions to 1LT through Major and appointed Strike Group Leader and Chief Flight Surgeon before transfer to USS Kasimar (NCC-1784). Promoted to CDR (LtCol) when assigned as Commanding Officer of Shuttle Cassiopeia (NCC-1784/5). Transferred to USS Stellar Wind (NCC-1501-A). Assumed position of Special Security Chief soon after.

K’moghjIH was not happy serving in Starfleet. This is why he moved from ship to ship trying to find where he fit and could succeed. He succeeded, but he realized that he just didn’t belong in Starfleet. Even though he was promoted to CAPT (Colonel) after three years on the USS Stellar Wind, he resigned his commission to serve on Klingon ship.

His Starfleet rank had no meaning on a Klingon ship, so he started at the bottom again. He first served as Weapons Officer on the IKV Shadow Dancer where we fought many glorious battles against the Romulans. One such battle took us deep into Romulan space in an attempt to assassinate the Prefect and bring the Romulan Empire to their knees. We conquered many Romulan worlds, including D'cI'vanram.

As an enlisted Medic aboard the IKV Dark Justice, he tortured many Federation officers to get information vital to the success of our battles against them. Many songs were written about the crew of the IKV Dark Justice and their glorious battles. Many starbases fell at our hands.

He was later assigned to the Klingon Defense Force High Council as Chief of Security. As part of my duties as Chief of Security, I was the Chancellor's Personal Guard. He protected him against many assassination attempts and had many of his enemies killed. During the Civil War with the Durass family, K’moghjIH sided with Gowron for the right of succession. He swore an oath of allegiance to Gowron and would always fight to protect him and any of his allies. Many of my House died in this effort.

Then, as Chief of Intelligence and a member of the Imperial Klingon Forces High Council, K’moghjIH kept Lord Admiral Kethas zantai-Rustadzh well informed of all intelligence and plots against the Empire. He commanded the Imperial Listening Post Death's Head and coordinated the entire covert operative network to infiltrate our enemy's defenses. K’moghjIH utilized all of his Special Forces training from Starfleet in the performance of his duties.

K’moghjIH was asked to serve as a Security Officer in the KIDC and hoped to be an apprentice to the Honorable K'Daq in the art of making and wielding weapons. After a blood feud with the House Kasara, K’moghjIH was dishonored, his House was stripped of honor, and sentenced to death.. Since K’moghjIH had served so faithfully and honorably with Lord Kethas, K’moghjIH and the remaining members of his House was secretly rescued by Lord Kethas and then he had decided to adopt K’moghjIH and the remaining members of my House into the House Rustadzh in order to restore the honor that he had displayed serving Lord Kethas all these years. Kethas promoted K’moghjIH to Admiral and assigned him as Chief of the Imperial Guard. Since K’moghjIH commanded ground troops in the protection of Lord Kethas, he thought the rank of General was more appropriate and convinced Kethas to officially dub him with that rank.

K’moghjIH missed his homeland of Chal. His Cha’ouwan roots soon called him home after a few years. He wanted to return and gain honor with his own people. He denounced himself from House Rustadzh and petitioned to be challenged to show worthiness to become an honored warrior with the most prominent House of the Cha’ouw Empire, House Ki’RK. This is where K’moghjIH felt he belonged. He met the challenges head-on and was inducted into the House Ki’RK. He was then offered command of the Imperial Cha’ouwan Vessel Heghnach with the rank of Colonel. He was ordered to take the ICV Heghnach to the Badlands and establish diplomatic relations with the Maquis and establish his ship as a cell for the organization. Promoted by the Maquis Freedom Alliance as a Brigadier General and worked hard as a Commanding Officer and diplomat to earn promotions up through Lt. General. As a Major General of the Maquis Freedom Alliance, he banded together with other Maquis cells under the Maquis Forces Marine Corps. Served as the Commanding Officer of a Zone of these Maquis forces for continued raids against Cardassian and Federation targets within and without the Demilitarized Zone which threaten Maquis installations, ships and colonies. He also maintains diplomatic relations with the Maquis Freedom Alliance and Starfleet through the USS Inferno. Recently, he was promoted by the House Ki’RK to General and placed in command of Cha’ouwan Marines. The Maquis Forces’ Klingon Task Force and the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces bestowed upon him the title DaHar Master and gave him command of the Klingon Task Force. He was even more recently promoted to the rank of General in the Klingon Task Force.
During trips back to the 23rd century, he would have cosmetic surgery to hide the ridges and change his uniform to better fit in with the times' Klingon culture.

Real Life File


Real Name Larry D. French, Sr.
Occupation: U.S. Air Force (Disabled Veteran)

Computer Operator (Present)

Date of Birth 01 January 1961
Place of Birth Shaw AFB, S.C.
Education McKeesport High School - 1978

Associates Degree - Data Processing - 1988
Associates Degree - Computer Specialist - 1997
Associates Degree - MicroComputer Specialist - 1997
Bachelors Degree - Computer Applications - 1993
MBA Degree - Technology Management - 2005

Family: Married: Debbie (2002)

Children: Larry Jr. (1984); Vicki (1986)

Fan Club Experience: USS Potemkin (SFI)

USS Kasimar (SFI)
Shuttlecraft Cassiopeia (SFI)
USS Stellar Wind (SFI)
USS Inferno (SFI)
ICV Heghnach (MFI, MFA, House Ki’RK)

Ldfrench.jpg|Cutting the Cake.jpg


Larry's fandom experiences started with a club he assembled in high school in the late 1970s. He was a fan of the show ever since it first started. He went to his first convention when he was in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Virginia during the early 1980s. He never got involved with organized fandom until he joined Starfleet International Chapter, USS Potemkin in Pittsburgh, PA. Signing aboard as a new marine member, it was only a few months later that he received his commission as an officer when he assumed the position of Pilot in the Potemkin’s Marine Strike Group. Within a few months he was applying for transfer to the USS Kasimar because of military and college commitments. Within another few months, he was applying to start a chapter as chapter president because he had five members now that didn’t always want to travel from Fort Kent, Maine to Bangor, Maine (2-3 hours) each month. Elected as Shuttle Cassiopeia’s CO, he was promoted to Commander (Lt. Colonel). Over the next six months, he served as CO and attended many conventions and events representing his ship. After he graduated from college with his Bachelor’s Degree, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA and the shuttle folded due the lack of leadership of the new CO to follow Larry’s example. In late 1992, he applied to serve on the correspondence chapter, USS Stellar Wind, which he wrote role-playing scenarios for up to 14 different characters. He served on the USS Stellar Wind for almost three years when it decommissioned. He was promoted to Captain (Colonel) in 1995 for his efforts in writing and participating in conventions. Not knowing what to do or where to transfer, he let his membership in Starfleet International lapse in 1997 and started to pursue Klingon fandom. He joined the Imperial Klingon Forces and later started his own ship the IKV Death’s Head (Heghnach). He longed for the chance to reenter fandom of Federation clubs. He decided that his persona would be half-Klingon and half-Vulcan and would not affiliate with any organization that would not recognize his persona and ideas of fandom. In 2000, he found the Klingon House Ki’RK to be an excellent choice to affiliate with because they had similar ideas about fandom. Many Klingon organizations disliked their members portraying species other than pure Klingon. House Ki’RK made it clear that they will accept anyone who meets the honor challenges set before them. Larry undertook the great the challenges and became a House warrior. He also found the Maquis Freedom Alliance that accepted him with this persona. After six months, he commissioned the ICV Heghnach as both a Maquis Freedom Alliance ship and a House Ki’RK ship. In October 2000, Larry attended Maquis Gras and met several members of MFA and MFI. In 2001, the Chief of Operations on the Heghnach wanted to start a chapter in Starfleet International and wanted Larry as his First Officer. All throughout Larry’s fandom history, he would give several clubs a try to see if he liked them and if they were right for him and were stable enough to survive. In 2002, Larry made the decision to check out MFI and found that he liked it enough to join.

Larry was born at Shaw AFB in Sumter, South Carolina. Larry graduated High School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania in 1978. He attended college in Clarion, Pennsylvania for 4 years, but did not graduate. Entering the US Air Force in May 1983, Larry was assigned basic training in Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Upon completion of basic training received first duty assignment orders (bypassing technical training) to Langley AFB, VA as a Computer Operator for three years. His next tour of duty was at Sembach AB, W. Germany as a Communications-Computer Systems Operations Specialist for three years. After staying three years there, he wanted to stay another four years, but the military had other ideas and assigned him to Loring AFB, Maine as a Communications-Computer Systems Operations Specialist for three and a half years. When he was assigned to Langley AFB in 1984, he joined the Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) as a Logistics Officer and Training Officer. He worked his way up from Senior Member to Major. The most significant item of his CAP career was his cool headedness and bravery during a tragedy at Ramstein Air Base, West Germany. An Aerial demonstration went wrong causing 3 planes to crash in the middle of the on looking crowd. Larry and his CAP team performed crowd control and emergency medical treatment, maintaining order in a dangerous situation.

Larry's military decorations include, the Air Force Achievement Medal, the NCO PME Ribbon, two awards of the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Air Force Overseas Long Tour Ribbon, the Air Force Training Ribbon, two awards of the Air Force Longevity Ribbon and several unit awards. Larry is married to the former Debbie A. Galambos of Bristol, IL. He has two children from a first marriage, Larry Jr., age 25, and Vicki, age 23. Larry and his wife reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and his children live in Ft. Fairfield, Maine.

Larry's most important accomplishments are his education of 3 Associate Degrees, his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Applications, and his Master's of Business Administration Degree in Technology Management. He is also an ordained minister and performs Chaplain duties in the Free & Accepted Masons (FreeMasonry), and many other veteran and civic organizations, such as the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Loyal Order of Moose, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. He is a Reception Committee Past Chairman and Legion of Honor Past Commander in the Valley of Pittsburgh Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (FreeMasonry). He is currently a Past Master of his Dormont-Whitehall Masonic Lodge.

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Larry French

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