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Maquis Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 08

"Black Knights"
Black Knights Commander: RADM Yazdir, ZC1

Mission Objectives

The Black Knights utilize the Dodge City Model Ju'Day Light Freighter (aka: Maquis Raider). The Dodge City is perfect for quick attacks, boarding, aquiring precious cargo and prisoners.

Model Specifications

  • Armaments:
    • 4 Type IX Phaser Arrays
    • 4 Torpedo Launchers
  • Defenses:
    • Auto-Modulating Shields
    • Ablative Armor
    • Cloaking Device

  • Decks: 2
  • Crew:
    • Basic: 10
    • Boarding Party: 12
    • Prisoners: 6
    • Maximum 28
  • Computer System: LCARS

Deck Plans

Raider dodge.jpg

Deck 1 Plans
Deck 2 Plans

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11 July 2007

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