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Maquis Raiders
Peregrine Fighters

Badland Raiders.jpg

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General Overview

Peregrine Fighter

The Peregrine is a medium fighter/interceptor designed to assist in fleet actions by forcing the enemy to split their fire between as many targets as posible. The Peregrine has a small cockpit with seating for two, with a cargo area in the aft section and is designed primarily to operate at impulse or low warp speeds near to their home base, or from a suitable carrier vessel such as an Akira, or Miranda class.

While they are capable of warp speeds, the Peregrine is not a true interstellar vessel. At top cruise speed, the ship takes over 58 hours to cross one light year. Since it carries no facilities for crew rest or refreshment, pilot fatigue makes trips of even this duration difficult.

"Maquis Raider"(Ju'Day Class)

The Ju'Day Class "Raider" has two decks. Deck One has a separate and much more spacious cockpit which holds four stations, while Deck Two has large crew facilities, a small Sick Bay, Cargo Hold with transporter and a Cargo/Troop Deployment ramp. These raiders have been in use for a long period of time, some using 39 year-old rebuilt engines, some with newly designed upgraded engines.

Maquis Raiders have Atmospheric flight and landing capabilities. Maximum Atmospheric cruise speed is Mach 8. Interstellar Cruise speed is Warp Factor 5.0, with standard Flank Speed being Warp Factor 6. Of course, our engineers have been able to upgrade our units to achieve Flank and Maximum speeds greater than those estimated by the Federation.

Specification Comparisons

Peregrine Fighter "Maquis Raider"

  • Type: Attack Fighter/Courier
  • Length: 14 Meters
  • Beam: 13.6 Meters
  • Draft: 4.53 Meters
  • Warp Engines: Micro Cochrane M/ARA
  • Impulse Engines: Twin Fighter Micro engines
  • Speed: WF 4.0 (Cruise), WF 5.0+ (Flank)
  • Atmospheric Speed: N/A
  • Armament:
    • 3 Type IV phaser Arrays
    • 2 Micro-Photon Torpedo tubes with 10 rounds
  • Defenses:
    • Auto-Modulating Deflector shields
    • Ablative Armor
  • Decks: 1
  • Crew:
    • Minimum: 1
    • Maximum: 2
  • Computer System: LCARS

  • Type: Attack Fighter/Courier/Transport/Cargo
  • Length: 60 Meters
  • Beam: 66 Meters
  • Draft: 14.6 Meters
  • Warp Engines: Micro Cochrane M/ARA
  • Impulse Engines: Twin Fighter Micro engines
  • Speed: WF 5.0 (Cruise), WF 6.0+ (Flank), WF 7.0 for 6 hours (Emergency)
  • Atmospheric Speed: Mach 8
  • Armaments:
    • 4 Type IX Phaser Arrays
    • 4 Torpedo Launchers
  • Defenses:
    • Auto-Modulating Deflector shields
    • Ablative Armor
    • Cloaking Device
  • Decks: 2
  • Crew:
    • Basic: 10
    • Maximum 30+ Crew/Specialists
  • Computer System: LCARS

Graphics/Deck Plans

Peregrine Fighter Size Comparison "Maquis Raider"
Peregrine-views.jpg Peregrine-compare.jpg Maquis raider-views.jpg

Deck Plans

Basic Peregrine Plans
Click Image To Enlarge

Basic "Maquis Raider" Deck Plans
Click Images To Enlarge
Ju'day3-deck1.jpg Ju'day3-deck2.jpg
Click Images To Enlarge

Raider SIM Fleet

Please Feel Free To Download & Rename Any Of These Raider "Variants".
All We Ask Is That You Credit The Original Authors And MFI By Not Editing The Lower Left Corner.

Ju'day Tombstone-deck2.jpg

Raider tombstone.jpgMFS Tombstone: Troop Transport

Ju'day Silverado-deck2.jpg

Raider silver.jpgMFS Silverado: Ground Assault VMFA-06

Ju'day Dodge-deck2.jpg

Raider dodge.jpgMFS Dodge City: Boarding Vessel VMFA-08

Ju'day Rockridge-deck2.jpg

Raider rridge.jpgMFS Rock Ridge: A hidden Peregrine "Stinger"

Ju'day Brazos-deck2.jpg

Raider brazos.jpgMFS Brazos: Attack Recon VAQ-09

Ju'day Bermuda-deck2.jpg

Raider bermuda.jpgMFS Bermuda: Patrol Vessel VP-24



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