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Nova Bridge Deck Plans Nova anim.gif Nova Bridge Cutaway


Nova Class Frigate


Mission Objectives

  • Escort
  • Tactical
  • Intercept
  • Exploration
  • Defense

Nova Class Logo

General Overview

Standard Nova Class
Aggressively designed, the small ship and its lack of amenities manage to surpass one's first impression of its size. Known for durability, the Nova Class has swiftly loss its status as a "little ship" and is gaining acclaim for its usefulness in completing more missions to new areas of space, bringing back teraquads of data on individual systems that is disseminated amongst the fleet.

The Nova has some impressive weaponry for its size, and its scientific capabilities more than make up for its reduction in speed when compared to some larger ships. Double deflector dishes provide added security when far from a starbase or suitable repair facility. A single malfunctioning or damaged deflector will not prevent the ship from going to warp.

Highly accurate sensors and computer systems makes it the perfect tool to send into scarcely known territory and many discoveries have been made by Nova Classes finding things larger Explorer-type ships such as the Galaxy Class left behind.

Amenities are few and far between on a Nova, but its work is important and crews that serve on these small ships know their worth and protect their reputations fiercely.


Nova Class vessels are capable of atmospheric entry and egress with equipment worked into the physical design of the starship. Each Nova Class vessel is equipped with anti-gravity generators as well as impulse and RCS lifters strategically placed at the mass and stress points on the bottom portion of the engineering section.

During Blue Alert, the Nova Class lowers the projection sphere of the deflector shields and assumes an angle of attack perpendicular to the angular rotation of the planetary body if it has an atmosphere. This allows the Nova's shape to work as a lifting body with air traveling under the broad and flat saucer and under the wing-like nacelle struts. Once in the atmosphere, navigation is controlled with RCS thrusters and use of the aft impulse engines.

Once on the ground, crew or equipment can be transported to the surface from the vessel, or use the ship's turbolift system that connects to channels inside the landing struts themselves, and open out near the Pads.

Deck Configuration

The interior design of the Nova Class is the rather spartan in amenities, but able to accommodate the needs of the crew. The Defiant class has eight decks:
  • Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Captain's Quarters, XO's Quarters, VIP Quarters.
  • Deck 2: XO's Office, Impulse Drive Reactors, Mess Halls (2), Sr Officer quarters (4), Life Support, Transporter Rooms (2)
  • Deck 3: Cargo Bays, Deuterium Tanks, Science Labs (2), Crew Quarters, Armory, Security Complex, Sickbay
  • Deck 4: Main shuttlebay, Torpedo Launch Bays, Main Computer Core Access, Arrow Runabout/Waverider, Auxiliary Deflector, Crew and Officer Quarters
  • Deck 5: Docking Ports, Warp Core Access, Lower Shuttle Bay
  • Deck 6: Main deflector, Upper Main Engineering
  • Deck 7: Tractor Beam Emitters, Lower Main Engineering
  • Deck 8: Antimatter Storage, Landing Struts

Nova Class Master Systems Display

Some ships of the Nova Class include

USS Nova NX-72359 Conjectured Prototype USS Equinox NCC-72381 ST: First Contact
MFS Solaris MX-81701 (Carrier Refit) MFS Solstice MCC-81702 (Assault Refit)


Rob Johnson, CIC
04 July 2009

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