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More Callsigns

"Star" - Pilot with a prima donna attitude. Moonlighted as a male model mostly doing underwear catalog photos [think '70s Show "Kelso" type]. Landed a one shot, one line, speaking extra role on the failed series "Super Carrier".
"Splash" - Newbie Pilot had been trained by another pilot to do night time preflight walk-arounds on the flight deck during blackout periods. On his first trip up to practice in the dark, he came upon "an open battle hatch", took a step back and jumped over it. The S-3 was parked t.o.w. [tail over water]. Yep. No battle hatch, it was the deck edge. His leap cleared the safety netting and enabled the 5,000 man crew to practice "man overboard" in the middle of the night. Lucky for him, his training on using the "float coat" vest was more successful.
"Babe" - Lt Ruth
"Big Bird" - Enlisted Sensor Operator. Extremely tall and lanky. Had a large beak.
--RADM 10-of-9 [s.lackey] 13:56, 31 October 2006 (PST)

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