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Name: Anne Zecca/Athena Hunt (Swift Owl)
Rank: Brigadier General pip_como_green.jpg
Homepage: MFI MFMC MFS Amon-Ra
MFI Positions:

MFI Academy Dean of Romulan Studies
CO, MFS Amon-Ra
Birthday: 6 April 1962
Residence: Ocala, Florida
Occupation: Semi-retired
Persona Links: KTF Romulan Legions
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Other MFMC Honors:
Commandant's "Sword of Merit" Ribbon (Apr. 2006)
Marine Unit Citation Ribbon (Apr. 2006)
MFMC Reconstruction Campaign Ribbon (Nov. 2006)

Other MFI Honors:
MRL Commendation Medal (Jan. 2011)
MRL Achievement Medal (Jan. 2011)

Other MFI Awards:
Pilot's Wings (Jul. 2007)
Bronze MEKK Sabers (Aug. 2008)

Persona Background:

Athena Hunt was born on Earth. Her mother, Samantha, was a Federation scientist; her father, Dylan, a career Starfleet officer. While Athena was still a child, her mother was killed while studying the plasma geysers on Melnos IV. Her father had been a Starfleet Academy liaison for Native American affairs when the news came; a Lakota colleague invited Dylan & his daughter to visit the tribal enclave in South Dakota's Black Hills.

While there, the Hunts were invited to take part in several ceremonies, including a memorial service for Samantha. In preparation, Dylan took part in a traditional vision quest while Athena stayed behind. She learned more about the Lakota language and the music & dances that would be performed at the ceremonies.

One night, after going to the sweat lodge with Sarah Black Elk (a descendant of the revered Lakota shaman), Athena caught a glimpse of an owl flying overhead in search of dinner. Sarah, sensing that a spirit guide might be trying to reach the girl, took her aside and told her about the symbolism & offered to help her make a vision quest. She gave Athena an akoonah, showed her how to use it and stayed to make sure the girl was safe.

Athena saw the owl in her vision, flying swiftly in search of a place to rest. She saw the bird, wings extended against the stars, carry her spirit aloft to show that Wakan Tanka (the Great Spirit) was present in all things and give her a glimpse into what was next. The owl revealed herself as Athena's spirit guide and gave her a Lakota name... which translated into English as Swift Owl.

After the ceremonies, Dylan and his daughter stayed with the Lakota a while longer, during which time he retired from Starfleet and joined a tribal effort to visit the Native Americans who settled on Dorvan V. He also became romantically involved with Sarah Black Elk. The couple married, but not before Dylan was made a member of the tribe and revealed the name received during his vision quest, which translated into English as Walks Alone with Wolf. After the wedding ceremony, Athena was formally adopted into the tribe.

More to come...

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