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Maquis Forces International
Pd mfi.jpg

The Great Seal of
Maquis Forces International

  • Government: Marshal Federation
  • Head of Government: FADM Joshua Laury
  • Founded: 1994
  • Base: Empok Nor
  • Flagship: MFS Aquila
  • Official Language: Federation Standard English
  • Motto: "They took our homes, but they can't take our FREEDOM..."
  • Affiliation: Maquis United

Maquis Forces International is A Star Trek® organization based on the Maquis from TNG®, DS9® and Voyager®

Our Slogan/Battle Cry:
"They took our homes, but they can't take our FREEDOM..."
(Rob Johnson, MFI Co-Founder - 1995)

maquis (proper name):

  1. a guerrilla fighter in the French underground in World War II (syn: {maquis})
  2. the French underground that fought against the German occupation in World War II.

Source: WordNet (r)1.6 [wn]; We are also listed in the Wikipedia.

We are the REBELS of the sci-fi fandom community!

Join the struggle! Join the Maquis! Maquis Forces International is an alliance of Maquis clubs and individuals around the world for the purpose of the free exchange of ideas, information, and friendship. Like our fictional counterparts on Star Trek who went renegade from Starfleet, most of our membership left established fandom organizations in search of a better banner to fly under. Our chapters left such organizations feeling dissatisfied and not all together comfortable with the politics and infighting that plague many fan organizations. Maquis Forces International is much different. Being Maquis gives us the freedom to act and play as we choose without an organization dictating how we run our chapters and eliminates the need for politics. MFI is a breed apart from the standard cookie cutter Star Trek organization in that we are here for fellowship and fun rather than politics and money.

Our organization is made up of a Coordinator Council, the cornerstone for an alliance of decentralized chapters across the world. The Council oversees the Zone Coordinators, who in turn oversee the individual chapters. Although this may seem like a "chain of command", the Council and the Zone Coordinators are merely for guidance and cohesion. Chapters can take what they desire or nothing at all from them. Minimal requirements for chapters are that they stay true to the standards of conduct set by the membership and to have fun being maquis. Like the "real" Maquis on Star Trek®, maquis chapters are independent of each other, but bound by a common goal. Ours is not as lofty as the freedom of the colonies of the Demilitarized Zone, ours is more down to earth, literally. Our goal is to have fun and the spreading of fellowship and friendship to all Maquis and other Star Trek® fan clubs.

The current flagship chapter of the Maquis is the MFS Aquila.

For more information about MFI's Back History, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

02 AUG 2008

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