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Charity And Community Service Task Force Project

In service to others

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  • "We must remember that the promise of tomorrow will not be fulfilled easily. The collective commitment of our nations, as well as the vision, wisdom and hard work of many, many individuals will be required to bring our dreams to fruition. In a way the Enterprise and the optimistic future in which it exists might be thought of as a reminder of what we can achieve when we really try." - Gene Roddenberry , Aug. 19, 1921 - Oct. 24, 1991
  • “Let me help" : City On The Edge Of Forever, TOS Episode. April 6, 1967


Hello, and welcome to the webpage of the MFI Charity and Community Service Task Force. The CCS Task Force is a program under the office of IC of MFI. Its purpose is to inform the members of MFI of charity and community service opportunities. And to provide some basic guidance for those that require it for working with Charity groups, running your own event and many other topics as needed.

The term 'Task Force' was chosen as the title for this endeavor because this group is intended to be one of action and with specific purpose. A group that in some small way will work toward those goals that Roddenberry supported so ardently. It is our sincere belief that most everyone in life can do something for someone. If saving the world is too much maybe just picking up the trash in your neighborhood or volunteering a little time. For every charity there are multiple ways to help, part of the CCS Task Force's purpose is to assist in finding these ways.


If this website has helped you, not helped you, or if you have a suggestion on how we can improve please let us know. You can sign up our list serve at : or email General Trentin Anara (aka Christina Doane), or MFI's International Coordinator, Brian Pickett, at IC (At) Maquis Dot Com .


Charity Committee Members Listing
General Charity Opportunity Links
General Online Charity Opportunity Links
Community Hall: Listing of Chapters and their Supported Charities
Charity Advice: general advice on supporting a Charity and Charity Events
Maquis Charity News: A webpage for proud Chapter CO's or others to inform all as their charity related activities

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