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22 January 2021
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Computer Operations Seal, designed by Samuel Cummings

MFI Computer Operations


MISSION: The Computer Operations mission is to maintain and administer all computer operations functioning within the Maquis Forces International. CompOps is responsible for maintaining and administering all MFI computer records and databases. CompOps is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of all MFI members and chapters (in coordination with Membership), and for assisting in the distribution of membership materials and official Cell communications. CompOps is also responsible for maintaining and administering the official web site. CompOps coordinates the efforts of distributing computer information with all other functions of the Coordinator Council.


Admiral Logan Andrews, Chief of Computer Operations

Civilian Site Watchdog, Vice Chief of Computer Operations

Admiral Laura Hartwell, Jedi-Webmaster

Commodore Taylor Goodwill, Director of Communications


Force Admiral Samuel S. H. Cummings, Systems Administration

Admiral William R. Lightning, Database Administration

Force Admiral Samuel S. H. Cummings, Website Administration

Eli Kaufman, Application Programming


Commander Ben Kokochak, Graphics Designer (1982 - 2003)



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