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Maquis Forces Central Communications

To make it as easy as possible to contact a member of MFI while minimizing emails for the bots to get a hold of (as well as to act as a failsafe in case of website error) we have created Maquis Central Dispatch Contact Information. This person will forward your request to the correct person while CC'ing yourself so you will A: Know whom to contact in the future about that particular item and B: Know that your request is being addressed. Many member information requests can be dealt with here however: Membership Department. As we update our communications more information may be placed here. As guiding idea one can find often find staff emails on their correct pages.

Other Communications Paths

Will be listed below as we come across other effective means of communication.

The Wiki Email System

Another method for members to contact any other member is the wiki email system. This system allows members who are logged into the wiki to email other members from the wiki site. Thanks to FADM Johnson for the image and details. Here's how it works:

1.You first must set it up on your account.
2.The person you wish to email must have it active on their account.
3.Log into wiki and go to the user page of the person you wish to contact.
4.Look on the left side under 'TOOLBAR' to find 'Email this user' from the person you wish to emails user page.

Details on setting it up on your account:

  • In order to set it up for YOUR pages, click on Preferences (Up on the Top Bar).
  • Down in the "Email" box, you'll see an option that says "Enable Email From Other Users".
    Check that box and and hit Save.

An image of what you should see:

Staff Lists

Below are urls wherein one may fine various staff listings, please contact the above Central Dispatch email to give information on any corrections or additions:
Maquis Coordinator Council:
Branch Heads:
Administrative Council:
Computer Operations Department:
Academy Dean List:
Academy Support Staff:
Awards Department:

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