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Mfi academy.jpg Maquis Academy Logo
Crescat Scientia; vita excolatur
Pd acad staff.jpg

Maquis Academy's Deans

Leadership FADM Christina Doane
Aviation FCAPT William Haines
Communications OPEN
Computer Science ADM Laura Hartwell
Klingon Studies BGEN Anne Zecca
Engineering CMDR Matthew Moyer
Liberal Arts FADM Christina Doane
Marines FCAPT Michael Tolleson
Medicine Dean CAPT Juanita Burlew
Deputy Dean COMO Brian Pickett
Romulan Studies BGEN Anne Zecca
Science FADM Joshua Laury
Special Operations MCAPT Richard Bonham
Special Security COMO Brian Pickett

Note: This is a work in progress, as a temporary measure please email | Academy Administration to be directed to the appropriate person.

Enter the Academy Campus

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