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Welcome to the Gateway for all MFI Historical Archives

Since it's founding, Maquis Forces International has continued to thrive and lead the way as an On-Line Fan Club. Through the years we have amassed a respectable history of leadership, memorable events, and notable persons. Since our implementation of a Wiki-based format, more and more pages are being created to document our History. Hence the beginning of our own Guardian Project in early 2008. Our Hall of Remembrance is intended to provide consolidated access to the growing number of history pages on our site. Just as History never ceases to be made, this Project shall remain a dynamic part of the future of MFI.
Feel free to explore the Navigation Links provided here.

We hope that you, our Members and Visitors alike, will find this Directory useful in exploring our History...

Maquis Forever!
Maquis Guardian

Welcome to the Gateway for all MFI Historical Archives
MFI General History: About MFI | Dates & Holidays | Coordinator Council | Branches | Admin Council | Speeches & Ceremonies
Senior Staff History: IC History | VIC History | COS History | COO History | CompOps History | CSS History | Academy History | MSA History
Special Awards: Our Highest Award:OotM | Lifesaving and Heroism | Hall of Honor Awards
Memorials: Ben Kokochak | Spaceflight | Notables | MFS Maquis-Deceased Members
Hall Maintenance: (Projects: 1 2 3 4 5 ) | Research Dept (Wayback Machine [1] ) | Hall Guardian | Main Portal

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