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Temp Old Links You May Be Looking For:

  • Fan Fiction Follow this to:
    • Links to Memorial Day Defensive event!
    • Links to Labor Day Offensive events
    • Links to Mirror, Mirror Week events
    • Other potential links as well...
  • MFI SIM Fleet

Purpose and Intent

This page is intended to ultimately become the Gateway Page for all SIM activity.

Initially it will serve as project space for those volunteering to work this project.

Potential SIM Gateway resource pages

  • SIM Gateway page to group portals for:
    • RP SIM
    • SIM Fleet
    • MCE [Maquis Corps of Engineers]
    • Maquis Labs
    • Maquis R&D
    • Fan Fiction
    •  ??? Others ???
  • Volunteer and Personnel List
  • Job Jar Wish List (Using discussion tab above)

Mission Overviews

(Coming soon)

  • Mission Requests/Sugestions
    • Planet Reconnaissance
    • Planet Colonization
    • Sector Reconnaissance
    • Short/Long Term Patrol
    • Battle Groups/Task Forces/Convoy Missions
    • Special Forces Teams
    • SSD Operations
    • Design Competitions
    • R&D/Lab Assignments
    • Research/Dossier Reports/Threat Assessments/Mission Proposals and Profiles
    •  ???

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