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Mfi logo small.gif MAQUIS FORCES





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Miranda Carrier / Nøva Carrier


Maquis SEALS Teams

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Base Stations

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Danube / Arrow I / Arrow II


Fighters/Raiders / Raptors/Scorpions

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Support Craft

Individual SIM Vessels and Units

These units are generally managed by individual members for SIM play purposes. Please provide primary and secondary point of contact for each entry.

MFS Pegasus

Primary contact = User:Slackey
Secondary =


Primary contact = User:Slackey
Secondary =


Size Comparisons for Auxilary Vessels/Shuttles

When planning how many smaller ships may be carried by a larger ship or carrier, care should be given to ensure the load capacity is somewhat realistic. The following link contains approximate size requirements of various vessels:
Use this link to see size relationships

General Overview

Utilizing the variety of craft belonging to the Runabout Task Forces in conjunction with Miranda Class Carrier ships, these ships can be used for deployment when establishing Base Camps, or Colonizing new areas. A Runabout Task Force would be made up of five or more Runabouts, consisting of one of each the variations (ie: 1 ground assault, 1 medical, one Command Center version, etc). Since Runabouts are completely Modular vessels, the Modules could either be removed from the Runabouts and used to form "fixed" structures, or could be left aboard the Runabouts and the ships themselves could be converted into structures. There would be little need to beam building supplies until a later stage of development when the base of operations, the plantary system, and the sector are deemed safe for a more permanant presence. If at any time the base is compromised or its presence discovered before planetary defenses can be set up, the Runabout Task Force merely breaks camp and under the cover of Independence and her sister ships, can evacuate safely.

Mission Overviews

(Coming soon)

  • Planet Reconnaissance
  • Planet Colonization
  • Sector Reconnaissance
  • Short Term Patrol
  • Long Term Patrol
  • Battle Groups
  • Special Forces Teams

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