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Maquis Forces International

ZONE 4 - Great Lakes USA ( Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin)
Captain Elvin Holloway (Zone 4 Coordinator)

Zone4.jpg Usamap z4.jpg

Zone 4 Water Cooler (Zone 4 Website)

Zone 4 Staff

Captain Elvin Holloway
Zone 4 Coordinator

Captain Mike Morell
Zone 4 Deputy Coordinator


Attention Chapter COs: Do NOT make any changes to this page yourself.
Please notify the Zone Coordinator and Membership of any Additions, Deletions, or changes of ANY Kind.
(Change of Command, CO & XO email Contact addresses, change of status, etc).
Maintanence of the Zone Page is the Sole Responsibility of your ZC.


Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Monmouth, IL RN Wayfarer

Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Champaign, IL LP Omega Outpost 23

Pip ssd.jpg Maquis Forces Bolingbrook, IL MSS IO


Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Gary, IN MFS Calypso


Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Kalamazoo, MI - Starbase Kalamazoo

pip Pip marine.jpg Maquis Forces Kalamazoo, MI - Starbase Kalamazoo MFMC Special Forces Detachment-Kazoo HighGuard

Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Kalamazoo, MI - MFS Liberty

pip Pip marine.jpg Maquis Forces Kalamazoo, MI - MFS Liberty Marine Detachment

Pip marine.jpg Maquis Forces Pontiac, MI - LP-M Pontiac

Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Livonia, MI - MFS Premonition


Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Newark, OH - MFS Nebula

Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Akron, OH - RN Sentry

Pip marine.jpg Maquis Forces Dover, OH - Maquis Marine Outpost Kondor

Pip marine.jpg Maquis Forces Wausau, Wi - MFS-M Wraith


Pip naval.jpg Maquis Forces Ships/Stations (MFS), Listening Posts (LP), or Runabout (RN)
Pip marine.jpg Marine Companies
Pip ssd.jpg SSD Field Offices
Pip klingon.jpg Klingon Task Force Chapters

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