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Team 4 Death Card.jpg SEALS 4 Joker.jpg

  • PRIMARY TASKING: Direct support to elements of Special Operations Command
  • SECONDARY TASKING: Direct support as needed to the MCE (Maquis Corps of Engineers)
  • When not tasked with a mission, the team is constantly honing their skills and training to remain at the elite edge of the community of special operatives.
  • In addition to their primary team assignment, each member is expected to train to maintain proficiency in multiple mission and fleet skills:
    • Medical
    • Ship Engineering
    • Combat Engineering
    • Weapons & Munitions, both conventional and improvised
    • Linguistics
    • Computer Systems
    • Stealth & Evasion
    • Unarmed Combat
    • Personal mind resistance/blocking techniques
    • Zero-G/Extreme Environment operations & survival
    • (Classified)
    • Others...
  • Frequently utilizes specially configured Danube: PAVE Invader class ships when conducting ops


Infiltration: Planet Goralis IV
Team IV will be L.O.H.A.O dropped (Low Orbit High Atmospheric Open) onto the planet Goralis IV, five days prior to the fleet attack. Once on the ground we'll have to hump just over sixty klicks to our objectives. First we'll plant mines on the drives of any grounded vessels to prevent their escape when the attack comes. Then our primary objective is to take control of the command centers for the orbital defense system. Once we have control, we shut them down and blow them up. Then, we haul it to our Exfil site for dustoff.


Attack began on schedule at 0355. Team snipers took out three guards near the entrance to the structure. As first and second squads neared the entrance, an Orion exited the building and was able to yell an alarm before he could be neutralized. The fighting was over and the control room was taken in under three minutes. Chief Petty Officer Gavin Loval sacrificed his life when he threw himself on a photon grenade in an attempt to keep a critical control panel from being destroyed.

Third and fourth squads began their attack on control room two simultaneously without incident. Control room two was taken with only minor injuries to two SEALS.

M.F.S. Impetuous


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