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The Badlands region of space is a huge expanse known for intense plasma storms and gravitational anomalies. Associated with these hazards are myriad small planets, planetoids, asteroid fields, and other material resources which provide thousands of potential bases, settlements, mines, and habitat shelters. These features, which allow the Maquis to maintain a thriving loose community, also provide haven for rogue Cardassian military operations, Orion pirate operations, and other opportunistic Privateers. Patrolling this region is a difficult task demanding new tactics and technology.

Dedication and Inspiration

This project is dedicated to the memory of Earth actor and entertainer, Earnest Borgnine [1917-2012]. Among many roles he is fondly remembered for his fictional portrayal as the Captain of the original PT-73 and later as a gifted aerospace engineer on the show Airwolf. If I were to select another actor to portray legendary Starfleet Engineer Montgomery Scott [later known as the Head of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers [SCE], I believe that Borgnine would have been dead-on perfect for that character and role.

I also wish to designate and establish Earnest "Borg 9-of-9" Borgnine as my Borg identity mentor. In a perfect universe, Borg-9 would have been my true inspiration. Following his mannerisms, intelligence, and style made me into the emancipated Borg I am today, once I had broken free from the hive mind. In turn I was inspired to nurture a seed of an idea to form our own Maquis Corps of Engineers as a gift to the future for ALL engineers. MCE Projects such as the Pegasus Recovery Mission, the construction of the first MCE ship "Serendipity", and the development HAC Program along with MTB-13 all demonstrate the value to be gained by this Corps.

ADM Steve "10-of-9" Lackey

--VADM 10-of-9 [s.lackey] (talk) 07:08, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Holographic Active Crew (HAC) program

Maquis R&D has been engaged in on-going development of "borrowed" holographic technology based on Federation designs [EMH, ECH]. The goal of this research is to develop workable Holographic Full-Time Crew members capable of extended patrol and defensive duty with little-to-no direct human interaction. In some situations, one or more "living" crew may be assigned to command or advise the HAC personnel. However the ultimate goal is to populate entire crews with HACs to gain a tactical edge when such a ship is scanned, showing no normal life-form readings. Because these Holographic Entities may often interact with non-holographic life-forms, they are designed with custom individual personality subroutines to aid in their acceptance, effectiveness, and rapid identification in tactical situations.

One of the first HACs released for field trials was a Monochromatic Command Version. ECH Wallace Burton Binghamton, Captain, USNR (Ret.) was assigned to the IC's flagship, MFS Premonition and is currently being de-bugged. Cell:MFS_Premonition/ECH

Taratupa Forward Base

"Taratupa" is the code name for a remote Maquis base somewhere in the Badlands Frontier.
Currently assigned Units are MTB 13 and PT-73.

Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 13 (MTB 13)

Historical WWII Logo MTB 13

Maquis Labs have successfully duplicated Mobile Holographic Emitters which allow Holographic Entities freedom of movement and action comparable to normal flesh and blood life-forms. Research has advanced to the point where extended field testing has been implemented. MTB 13 is the designated headquarters squadron for these first units. Human personnel are in command of this Squadron and are tasked with oversight, monitoring, developing workable operational tactics, and evaluation of prototypes.

  • LCDR Alvin W Fargo Jr - Commanding Officer [npc]
  • ADM Herbert Lytton Reynolds - Project Officer for Maquis R&D [npc]
  • ADM Roy Roberts Rodgers - Project Officer for Maquis Labs [npc]

Patrol Torpedo vessel 73 (PT-73)

Modified Bermuda Variant Raider

View Standard Raider Configuration Here
PT-73 is the first prototype ship activated for this project and is assigned to MTB 13. Un-officially named "MFS Yoshio Yoda". Based on a highly modified Raider/Bermuda variant ship, it has been upgraded by Higgins shipyard from the standard computer cores, has an additional isolated power sourced backup computer to support a full HAC crew plus others, and has been completely fitted with holographic emitters. Standard accommodation, replicator chef, medical, and environmental systems have been maintained to allow for non-holographic passengers and crew. The ship is fully armed and outfitted for normal patrol. Normal assigned HAC crew complement includes:

  • LCDR Quinton "Cobra" McHale - Command HAC "CO"
  • ENS Charles "Chuck" Parker (Mister Parker) - Command HAC "XO"
  • PO1 Harrison "Tinker" Bell - Engineering HAC "Chief Engineer"
  • PO1 Virgil "Lover Boy" Edwards - Tactical HAC "Weapons"
  • PO2 George "Christy" Christopher - Navigation HAC "Navigator"
  • PO2 Willy "Billy" Moss - Engineering HAC "Communications"
  • Nurse Molly Turner - Modified EMH "Medical Officer"
  • PO2 Lester "Grover" Gruber - Tactical HAC "Security"
  • Crewman Joseph "Happy" Haines - Tactical HAC "Security"
  • Crewman "Plumber" Harris - Engineering HAC "Engineer"
  • Crewman Juan "One" Hernandez - Engineering HAC "Sensor Operator"
  • PO3 "Bosun" Gallagher - Tactical HAC "Sensor Operator"
  • LT "Bull" Durham - Tactical HAC "Security Chief"
  • "Chief" Pali Urulon - Engineering HAC "Transporter Chief"
  • "Big Frenchy" - Engineering HAC "Linguist"
  • Crewman Recruit Fuji Kobiaji - Service HAC "Cook"
McHale's Raider Crew

NOTE: Normally, not all HAC crew are activated at the same time. However each is generally activated for at least four hours daily unless needed more. HACs share the ability of other Holographic Entities to serve for extended periods without rest. Normally each HAC will spend approximately two hours every fourth day in diagnostic review of programming and modifications to programming.

For some unknown reason, MFS Premonition's ECH CAPT "Wally" Binghamton has taken a dislike to the crew of PT-73. The PT-73 crew and "Old Leadbottom", as they refer to him behind his back, are usually at odds over the command style of LCDR McHale and the apparent general lack of discipline of his crew. Despite repeated complaints, the operational successes of PT-73 have maintained LCDR McHale in the good favor of his chain of command.

Non-Holographic Crew Commonly Assigned when on a Mission

  • CDR Mission Commander Christopher "Chris" Doohan is one of the project Lead Engineers in charge of deployed testing and software evaluation. He is responsible for making minor software tweaks to the HAC software and emergency programming/repairs. Speaks with a scottish accent inherited from his father, a notable Starfleet Engineer. He is also qualified in emergency medicine.
  • LCDR Grant Imahara is a gifted experimental engineer on loan from the MCE who possesses intuitive expertise in starship systems, robotics, destructive testing, and navigation.
  • Civilian Engineer Ralph Miller is an audio engineering savant. His audio range limits extend in both directions far beyond normal human hearing by a factor of at least ten. Because of his extended range, he is able to detect possible malfunctions, hidden cues, and communications well in advance both in mechanical systems and linguistically. He also has used his gift to learn many languages and dialects. Somewhat of a practical joker, co-workers either love or hate him.

Mission Notes

Specific Mission Notes

Operation BUNNY HOP code 2014

Pirate Colors (Flag)

All identifying markings, beacons, transponders, and computer files have been erased or altered for this secret assignment. Non-Holographic crew are tasked with PT-73 taking on the role as badlands commerce pirates. This is strictly for profit and as a secondary role to obtain resources for the Maquis. Data obtained will be used to further develop more capable, diverse, and advanced HAC crew members. All crew are to assume the roles of deserters who stole a prototype ship and are making the most of it. Extreme measures are authorized. HAC crew are to maintain cover as actual flesh and blood crew. Mission cover shall not be compromised for any reason short of the proper exchange of unique code identification phrases. Contact with friendly forces is prohibited. A temporary minimal base will be established for the duration of this mission.

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